Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2010 PARTY Picture Recap = {Magical Overload!}

After looking through all of my photos from 2010 I decided that if I was to choose a word to capture my feelings for the entire year of 2010 as a whole, I knew right away what that word would be...
 ...It couldn't be any other word other than

2010 was FULL of parties and themed adventures with my friends which I will never forget. So, as an ode to 2010 I decided to do a picture recap from the beginning of the year until my birthday at the very end of ALL our magical adventures together!

{*I want to make a special note to thanks to Bethany Madison for her LARGE part in many of these parties and the beautiful pictures she takes of them as well. Thank you for reminding me that pixie dust and magical moments do exist.

I'd also like to thank Angie, Cassandra, Kitch, Laura and Libby for playing dress up with me as well, you are the most creative, talented group of girls I've ever been blessed to know.}

{WARNING:} You may become over whelmed by all the visual eye candy you are about to be exposed to so watch for symptoms of: raised eyebrows in unbelief, wide eyes of amazement, an 'Oh my gosh' expression of your mouth and/or a general overall sensation of enchantment and creativity. }

*In January we had a ladies TEA PARTY at the Grand America Hotel in full era dress.
(And YES, the other guests there kept stopping us to ask why we were dressed up and we only said, "Because we can."
That's a good enough reason in my book.

*In February Bethany hosted a Valentines/Chinese New Years Party.

*In March we attended Cassandra's UNBIRTHDAY party in Wonderland!

{The whole group at the theater}
Jared and I went as the Dormouse and Cheshire Cat
*In April we Celebrated LIBBY'S BIRTHDAY with a get-together party at Olive Garden!

*At the end of April we held a delightful Marie Antoinette BABY SHOWER for Cassandra to welcome her little girl Genevieve into the world.

*In May we attended the 'Beehive Bazaar' at Thanksgiving Point and met at my house afterwards for homemade cokes and treats.

*In June we held a "CHOCOLATE CULTURE CLUB" where Eric and Cassandra gave a fascinating presentation of the history and benefits of chocolate. We had a chocolate tasting and chocolate making activity that followed. 

At the end of June we were all SO excited to go see ECLIPSE at MIDNIGHT!
So, naturally we had to make a party of it!
Bethany put together a "Twilight" themed dinner and drinks and afterwards she had set up a Twilight photo shoot for us to play around with! It was hilarious fun!
Jacob inspired cupcakes
All of our "bloody" drink options

Were trying to be serious... :)

*In August we were delighted to throw Angie a "LITTLE LAMB BABY SHOWER" to welcome baby Carrston into our lives!

*At the end of August we also got to celebrate Angie's very PINK BIRTHDAY PARTY!
We had fondue, balloons, goodies and lots of pink treats to choose from.

*In September we attended the long anticipated CHEESE CULTURE CLUB at a cabin up Sundance where we hiked Stewart Falls the next morning.
Jon Fotheringham put a LOT of work into this amazing and educational night and I learned a LOT about C_H_E_E_S_E!!
The invitation

Just 2 of the 20+ cheeses we were able to sample

In October Bethany put together this AMAZING MURDER MYSTERY PARTY on Halloween titled, "The Last Gasp!" We each got an invitation with our character parts and instructions. No one had ANY IDEA who the murder was after hours of fun trying to solve the mystery we were no closer to figuring the mystery out. But in the end we discovered that indeed I was the murderer!! (Muuahhhhh...insert evil laugh here)

My getup
This is "George Sweet." My (newly deceased) husband who I killed because he wouldn't give me the money he promised me when I married him!

My Character profile said that I used to be an exotic dancer named Babylon JoJo before I met my husband George and my customers used to call me "Dynamite on Legs!"  Ha ha!

*In November we celebrated "BETHANY LESTRANGE'S" HARRY POTTER BIRTHDAY PARTY which I couldn't have been MORE excited to participate in since I love the books!
(I secretly believe that Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry DOES exist out there...somewhere.....)
Bethany made us all our own Marauder's Map for our invitation.
I  know, she is amazing.

We ate our lunch under the tent like in the movie

I went as Moaning Myrtle and Jared went as a Dementor

*In December I through our 5th annual Christmas party and this year the theme was "YULE SHOOT YOUR EYE OUT," A Christmas Story Christmas Party!

Jared and I dressed up as Mr. and Mrs. Parker on Christmas morning.
Jared made the 'Fragile' box in the background.

We made a pole for people to take pictures with and stick their tongue too!

*And lastly, on December 30th Bethany and the girls took me out for MY BIRTHDAY to the BEEHIVE TEA HOUSE for a quaint cup of tea and cucumber sandwiches!
Bethany made me this beautiful birthday crown

After the Tea House we went back to her place for cake and "girl time."

And NOW, I'm celebrating the New Year by taking the month off of from any parties!