Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hidden Gem!

So Angie and I heard of this cute chic cafe/bakery called "FOOD FOR THOUGHT" in Draper and decided to give it a try. We walked in to this old renovated home and saw these shelves of amazing little candies and gifts you can purchase thought are so cute! Then we turned a corner and saw tons of pastries and cakes that are to die for that you can purchase for a one girl party for yourself! (And we did have our party!) Then we sat down to eat the most AMAZING yummy food that I've had in a long time and just enjoyed having a lovely girls afternoon out! They are only open for breakfast and lunch but that's okay because it's the kind of place you want to go to with your girlfriends or mom and the best part is everything is homemade! We got a lunch special that was $12.95 (a tad spendy) but we got Soup, Salad, Drinks, a Roll, AND a dessert! It's totally worth the money in my book so if you can find time to get a way to this diamond in the rough cafe...GO! You won't regret it!
The most fresh, strawberry lemondade I've ever tasted!

This is the place!
The most adorable little gifts & treats!
Don't you want to go there right now?!
Angie and I enjoying a much needed girls afternoon out!


Frampton Family said...

Holy Crap! You just started this blog, and it's already one of best I've seen. Seriously, you should see the beginning stages of mine. They don't even compare to yours. You've always had a nack for writing. As for this little place you ate at. I LOVE it. We actually have quite a few like it in Europe. We'll have to go there when I get back, seeing as I will be missing Europe like crazy.

April said...

Ok, we HAVE to go there! That looks scrumptious! Let's set a date!

Joseph and McKell Cope said...

OHH...I want in.

Staci said...

What a cute little place!! Love your blog and the sweet post about mother's day! Being a puppy mom is the best!!

wessara said...

Love that place!! Been going there for years... what's the "rough" mean? my parents live next to it?!!!! JK!! Very yummy!!

Mindy said...

Hey Kelly-
I am hungry just looking at those pictures! You have to stop putting food on your blog. I really go to the kitchen as soon as I am done reading your posts!
Thanks again for last night! So fun!

Stephen & Effie said...

looks like so much fun kelly. i missed seeing you last night, I hope to make it to church and see you.