Wednesday, October 1, 2008


{Picture from the movie above}
{Above is a picture of the author, Daphne De Maurier}
{Pictures from the movie}

I just wanted to remind anyone who's coming to Book Club tonight that it starts early at 6:00 P.M. NOT 7:00 because we are going to watch the Alfred Hitchcock movie of the book at 8:00! I can't wait to discuss this book, it was SOooooo good and I hope everyone gets a chance to read it who hasn't! It had the perfect combination of suspense and errieness, perfect for an October read! See everyone at my house tonight!


Jen said...

hEY GIRL! I won't be there, but I am hoping that I can be a "regular" again starting in November! I hope this finds you well, we are doing good, we'd love to get together with you two and go out sometime!

Love ya and miss ya!

Bear, Angie, Honey, Cash & Bowie said...

No, I don't mind that you copied me on this post :)--isn't that the highest form of flattery!?

I do think that we need to start a separate book club blog & invite all of our girls to be administrators of the blog & make posts. That way we can keep ourselves in touch about interesting things we find out about the book & get excited about whatever book we're reading for the month.

Trish said...

You always are over the top, girl! I'm calling you today - I got your comment. Talk to you soon.