Sunday, November 23, 2008

Twilight Prom (I promise this is almost my last Twilight post...almost)

Angie and I on the Red Carpet...yea, were VIP's!
I couldn't help myself! I took a few photos during the movie!
Ahhh...I love that little side smile...

Destiny, My mom, and me excited before the midnight showing
So...I'm kind of in love with Edward now...seriously...I'm not kidding
At the Twilight Prom there were these Cullen look-a-like models walking around
These apples on Angie's Twilight Tree were awesome!
Angie is also a little obsessed with Edward..I mean Rob
This was Angie's AWESOME "Literary Luxuries" booth at the Twilight prom!
(Click on Literary Luxuries to see Angie's website and her Twilight inspired "Book Bling!")
I was lucky enough to be able to help Angie sell her Book Bling at the Jordan Commons Twilight Prom last week and it was so much fun! It was great to see so many Twilight fans in one place at one time buzzing with excitement! Everyone was dressed up, in good spirits, and anxiously awaiting for the movie to start. It was a wonderul experience for me and I am so grateful to have great friends like Laura and Angie who love Twilight as much as I do! ;)


Ashley, Cory and Cash too!!! said...

I love that you loved it as much as I did, some people are just too critical! And don't stop the posts I kind of live for them!

Mindy said...

I love it Kelly! You are actually a lifesaver with all of these posts. I haven't seen the movie yet and you are helping me cope!! :)
You looked beautiful at church on Sunday. Sorry I didn't get to talk with you.