Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I can't help myself!!!

So Rob looks a little drunk here but I still like him!
I love Kristens dresss here, the colors are very "Twilighty!"

I love these guys!

Oh, are my sunshine

After seeing this picture I kind of wanted to take Jared out into a similar field, make him pick me up and try to duplicate this picture...but lets be just wouldn't be the same to any degree! But it was a nice 30 second thought!

I just couldn't help myself from posting MORE Twilight photos!!! I am getting so excited for the movie tomorrow night! You heard me right, I get to see the movie tomorrow at 11:59 P.M! Jealous much? Hope you all enjoy the photos!

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Trish said...

Yes, he does make the heart beat a little faster :) Have fun at the movie! Can't wait to see it myself!