Sunday, March 8, 2009

Italian Sunday!

Yes you read the blog title right...I had an Italian Sunday today! Me and some of my favorite friends decided to do these themed dinner nights after we had a Mexican Sunday a few months ago and LOVED it! So, for our next country we decided on Italy! It was beyond delicious and I LOVE it when ANGIE and LAURA cook because they are seriously "food gifted!" I am giving all of you FAIR WARNING now that the pictures you are about to witness will make your mouth water make you want to lick your computer screen!
{I made some yummy HUGE garlic bread sticks to nibble on}
{Anyone for a cute little lemon cupcake? I made them for anyone who didn't like tiramisu}
{What's Italian dessert without tiramisu?! I didn't attempt to make this cake because it's intense but I'm not afraid to admit I bought it!}
{A little table decor}
{I made some fun Italian flags to go under each plate for a little "flare!"}
{Angie made this AmAzInG pasta primavera...jealous?}
{Angie's cucumber Salad made a perfect compliment to the dinner}
{Taah Daaah! Laura's picture perfect lasagna!}
{Me and Angie about to indulge to amazing-ness!!!}
{This was the After-Party! Tee Hee}


Mindy said...

So what did you make? were the house hostess right?! Looks amazing...pretty hungry right now!

Cya tonight!

Payne Family said...

That looks like soooo much fun! Between the photos of this and your bookclubs I think I gained weight right thru the computer!

Frampton Family said...

That was just plain mean Kel. Now you've made me hungry for something I can't have at this very moment.
I'm glad you all had fun. Doesn't good food make events so much better. I definitely consider myself a food snob.