Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Daddy Day!

{Here are some of the day's best moments from Father's Day}{My sweet Daddy doing EXACTLY what he should be doing on Father's Day!}
{Griffin giving me a little kiss on the nose}
{Jared and I playing around...please try to look past the boob grab...I know, I know, how can you?!}
{Destiny made fresh strawberry pie but unfortunately she cooked the gelatin for too long and it became quite rubbery!! What else can you do but "poke" fun at it right?}
{Griffy got my Dad a little Father's Day card as well! Griffin LOVES my dad}
Happy Father's Day Dad, you are my inspiration and motivation in life to become a better person, a better friend, a better example, a better spouse, and a better daughter of God. You have shown me how to laugh at life by enjoying every moment and appreciating all that life has to offer. I love you very much and I will strive to continue to make you proud to call me your daughter...I couldn't be prouder to call you my Dad! XOXO,


Jamie said...

Nice boob grab Jared!

ALF9386 said...

Aww... kissy kissy!