Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Finally...Disney Post! WARNING: Major Picture Overload!

I'm FINALLY getting around to posting on my Graduation Girls Trip to Disney World Orlando! I graduated on May 1st and we left three weeks later. We decided to leave a little later in the month so that I could be gone at the same time Jared was gone to Asia (post coming shortly on his trip,) who knew that it would be so rainy the end of May in Orlando?! As you will see, we had OODLES of fun, giggles, stories, laughs, dances, and nostalgic moments being in the Magic Kingdom! I've made some collages of different moments and stories to try and consolidate the 1150 pictures I got from Kris's Camera! (Jared took my camera to Asia so Kris was nice enough to be the designated photographer. It took me three days straight to pick out the 256 pictures to keep!!!) These are the FACES of Disney World! We had so much fun!
Dancing was a VERY important aspect to our trip! We always made time to do a little dance if we felt so inspired!!! (We were inspired a lot!)
These pictures show my true and authentic happiness for seeing Cinderella's castle once again! If you notice the small picture on the bottom, I'm actually attempting a cart wheel to show my happiness!!!
Our first stop was "Animal Kingdom" which is Disneyland+An amazing Zoo which= AWESOME!!! We got to take a safari ride and see some beautiful animals plus we got to ride, "Expedition Everest," which is my new favorite ride!

This was our first day at Epcot. I had NO idea what I had been missing out on my whole life!!! I LOVED the whole idea and concept of uniting different countries together in one 'magical' place giving us tourists an experience of a lifetime! I was most impressed being able to walk for 5 minutes from the UK to France to Italy then Japan! The best part was trying the food from each country...which of course we did!

As I mentioned before, we lived in our Disney ponchos! It rained EVERYDAY on us, which actually worked out great because it kept the heat down and the lines down to a min! Aren't they sexy looking?!

We decided to take one day off from Disney and check out Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. There were three rides that I loved (Spiderman, Simpsons & E.T.) but otherwise...I would have rather spent the day at Disney!

Our fourth day at Disney we went to "Hollywood Studios" which is like mix between Universal Studios and Disneyland. Some of our most memorable rides were here! Have you ever ridden "Tower of Terror?!" That ride FREAKED me out!! I wish we would had bought the photo after that ride because it was priceless! Our other favorite ride was the "Aerosmith" ride! It was a total surprise and we giggled so hard which=New Favorite Ride!

These pictures show some of our favorite moments from Epcot. SEVERAL of the pictures are food that we got from the French Bakery!! SO YUMMY!

This is the firework show at Disney...Tee Hee!!!

This was the BEST ice cream EVER!!!

While we were eating at the French restaurant, Remy Ratatouille came out on a cheese plate to say Hello to us! It was so cute and unexpected...Disney, you did it again! You brought a smile to all of our faces!

Did you know that the Magical Kingdom is on an island?! I had no idea! Here we are taking the ferry over which only got us more and more excited the closer we got!

I'm trying to give my man, Disney a high-five!

Here we are looking pretty cute before our day began at Epcot. We always ended up looking pretty ragged and melted by the end of the day from the humidity and rides. Oh well, we had too much fun to care what we were looking like!

We were so HAPPY to be at Epcot, can you tell? Just another dance of glee from me and Angie!

I know this is hard to see but this was our picture from the 'Aerosmith' ride which was similar to Space Mountain, it was all in the dark! The best part of the ride is at the very beginning when you go from 0 to 65 miles per hour in three seconds! Ahhhh!

The bats at Animal Kingdom were so fascinating! Did you know how HUGE they are?

Pure happiness


Frampton Family said...

SO FUN!!! You guys did a lot in such a short time. I am way impressed. I especially love the dancing pics.

wessara said...

SOOO jealous! I LOVE that place!! I am glad u finally posted! Looks like a real good time!! Though you did call Angie Destiny in one pic! HA!! U must be tired! What do u do wake up @6 to work out every morning?!! See u tomorrow!

Mindy said...

Looks like you girls had such a fun time! I'm jealous :) I love the firework pictures. They turned out so good!

Bethany said...

Oh these make me have an itching to go experience Disney again, although I just came back from DisneyLAND. Its been sooo long since I went to Disneyworld maybe I should start planning now and maybe I will get to go in a few years.... Anyways you guys are darling. So glad that you had a ball.