Monday, March 29, 2010

Hunger Games Trilogy-Be Honest!

Be honest...How excited are you for this book to come out on August 24th?!
I will admit when I first finished reading Suzanne's 2nd book in the Hunger Games series last fall, I didn't have very nice thoughts.
Imagine me being completely lost in the story and action of the book, turning the last page, holding my breath, clutching the book, eyes wide open reading as fast as I could, on the edge of my seat in anticipation...I read the last sentence...and then I wanted to SCREAM.
I CANNOT believe how Suzanne ended Catching Fire! To say that the end was a cliffhanger would be like saying Oprah has a little money. I was mad at first but when I calmed the book reading Hulk inside of me down I then realized how brilliant she truly is. Suzanne had me, hook line and sinker into this series! She knew that anyone who read these books would be standing in line at Barnes & Noble, Borders, Costco, Target, Walmart etc. to get this book. I hate when I fall for those author tricks! (But I secretly love it too.)
So, I want to know, how excited are YOU for "Mockingjay" to come out on August 24th?


Anonymous said...

I just LOVE that you are excited!

The Winkels said...

don't worry Kelly--I pre-ordered this book 3 months ago. Dying!

Brooke said...

Well considering I just finished it yesterday, I will have a lot shorter wait than you, but I AM excited!! :)