Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My 2012 WORD of the year

"A single word can be a powerful thing. It can be the ripple in the pond that changes everything"

Last year I started my new tradition of focusing my entire year on one little word. One word that I pick out each January – a word that I can focus on, mediate on, and reflect upon as I go about my daily life. I immediately took a liking this idea since I've always had a hard time setting (and sticking) to New Years Resolutions. So, instead, I pick a word or rather... a word seems to pick me.
The word I chose to focus on in 2011 on was SEEK. 
It was my first year trying this new tradition but it worked SO well for me I will NEVER make goals any other way from now on. I don't know if I've ever accomplished as many goals as I did in 2011! (Yea me!) Below is the list of goals I set for myself last year and how I did focusing on them.

In 2011 I want to...
Seek... new adventures of any and every kind. *Always*
Seek... a closer relationship with my Heavenly Father. *YW helped me reach that relationship*
Seek... opportunities for new friendships.
*I am more "open" then I've ever been.*
Seek... travel adventures and new cultures. *I got to visit Hogwarts!*
Seek... to make my Book Club a place of comfort and friendship.
*From the surprise notes I received from each of them in December, I think my book club is a great place of comfort, friendship and love.*
Seek... to excel in my Young Women's calling. *I LOVED my calling & left only after I begged to stay a little while longer!*
Seek... a closer bond with my family. *That goal never changes*
Seek... to become a mother. *Smile...can't wait for June!*
Seek... more "date time" with my Husband. *Best year yet*
Seek... to read at least 30 books. *I read 47 books*
Seek... to be less selfish and more giving. *Always a good goal to keep in mind*
Seek... to learn...and never stop. *I LOVE learning, its not a goal I ever seek to complete.*
Seek... to make my home complete. *I still need drapes in every room but it feels like HOME.*
Seek... a new job. *This one didn't happen but it didn't feel right when I prayed about it so I guess being a new mom in June will have to count.*
Seek.. to never stop seeking... *Never*

Moving on to 2012...
The idea of having to focus my year on ONE word is perfect for me because it doesn't have sharp corners, strict boundaries and definite outcomes, it can mean whatever I want it to mean. And when I was thinking about what word I would choose to center my life around for 2012 it came to me after a day of pondering suddenly and I knew right away it was perfect.

My word for 2012 is Nurture.

For me, especially with my first baby on the way, I have been thinking a lot about nurturing in all the many faucets it suggests. It’s such a soft, slow, kind, peaceful and gentle word and that quickly helped me come up with my 2012 goals.

The things I would like to focus on nurturing in 2012 are:

I want to nurture...our new baby, in all the ways a new mom can and more.
I want to relationship with my husband, especially after the baby comes.
I want to new passion for photography and hopefully, grow my talent.
I want to level of patience because I know I'm going to need it in the coming months.
I want to lovely book club that I will give as much love and attention I can give it.
I want to nurture...myself during this time of major transition in my life and feel as relaxed and ready as I can before everything changes in June. (Here's hoping!)
I want to love of visiting new Temples and try to go to as many as I can.
I want to new calling in Relief Society (enrichment) and show all the amazing women in my ward how much I care by the time and energy I put into each activity.
I want to cooking skills (what's left of them) and find time to make dinner when I can.
I want to love and passion for reading by trying to read a book a week (52 books.)
I want to love of the arts by attending: plays, musicals, symphonies, exhibits etc.
I want to soul by surrounding my life with people who help me love myself and want to be better than I was the year before.
I want to nurture...positive energy and see the good in everyone and every situation I can.
I want to creativity...and NOT just by what's hot on Pinterest at the moment!
I want to spirit and find time to write again.

There is something very special about this word for me. It represents slowing down, simplifying, and pinpointing what is really important to me in my life (not just the next 365 days). I am nervous and excited and so looking forward to what is to come and if you want to join along in choosing a word of the year for yourself I'd love to hear about it!

My other "tradition" that follows suit with picking a word each year is to pick a necklace that will help me to remember the meaning and purpose behind the word I choose.

This year, I purchased this beautiful handcrafted brass envelope necklace from HERE that includes my custom word inside it. Using a vintage typewriter, my word will be typed onto a piece of card stock alongside a heart cut out of vintage paper and both of them will be slipped inside this little envelope like a wish for me to open each time.

I think its the perfect way to keep all my goals close to my heart.
If you had to pick, what would your word of the year be?


Karen said...

I love the word “Nurture” that you’ve chosen for 2012. You’re goals are all wonderful (except perhaps reading a book a week) You must allow yourself time to just… “be.” I do love your necklace and the thought behind it.
Nurturing will take on a whole new feeling for you when your little one arrives. As you hold your new baby, you will experience something sacred and wondrous just as I did when I held you. Time will slow down and your whole being will be centered on the moment. Remember…there will always be time for what’s truly important to you. I love you baby girl xoxo Mom

Brooke Hargett said...

Kelly- this post was AMAZING!!! I am always inspired by you. You are such a talented person and I am sooo excited for you to have your baby later this year! Thank you for being such a role model. :) xoxo

Anonymous said...

will you please email me the pdf for your invitations for the wizard of oz themed NB. Thanks, Michelle

Dandi said...

Sorry I'm commenting on the wrong post, but you're 2013 Mutual theme download won't work for me and I can find the place to put a comment on that post. When I go to download it the page comes up with error. I'd REALLY LOVE to print it. Please help me.

Sue Coe said...

I am also commenting on the wrong post -- can't find a place to comment on the 2013 Mutual Theme post.

I love your Mutual theme printable and would like to use it in our YW Room bulletin board. Is there any chance that you will be doing a coordinating printable with the YW Motto on it ("We are daughters of our Heavenly Father...)?

Thanks so much for sharing & making the rest of us look better :-)