Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day!!! Do I count?

My Mother's Day breakfast suprise! Thank You Jared!

Jared is the most amazing husband ever! He even cleaned up the kitchen and did the dishes after!

My Mother & Sister in-law got the adorable frame for our bedroom & it goes great! Thanks again Linda and Lacey! I love you guys!

For all of you who know me or who may have just met me, you probably know (because I showed you a picture on my phone!) that I have an adorable puppy named Griffin! Now Griffin isn't any ordinary dog, oh no! Griffin if officially my "baby!" Jared decided that since we have a baby in our house now that I should get something for mothers day! (Yea me!) I was expecting a cute card, a back massage, maybe some new pink socks but instead Jared TOTALLY spoiled me with the following...

This is my favorite picture! We had the perfect wall to hang it on in our living room. Doesn't it look PeRfEcT?!

It's a special edition signed copy canvas painting by Greg Olsen!!! I LOVE MY HUSBAND!

My "baby" surprising me with my mother's day bouquet!

Jared told me that even though we don't have any kids yet that I'm still the mother of our home and that he wanted me to know how much he loved and appreciated me! (Do they get any cuter?) He told me that when I do become a "traditional" mother he knows I will be amazing and I'll be the kind of mother our kids will want to go to with any problem or good news to right away! That made me feel so good and so blessed to have a husband who supports and honors me and is ready to SpOiL me when the day calls for it! ;)
I'm so blessed and I just want to give a shout out to my own Mother and wish her a happy mothers day as well! You and I must have picked each other in Heaven because we are the perfect mother daughter combo here on Earth! I Love you Mom!


Mindy said...

Happy Mother's Day Kelly! Pretty spoiled woman! What will it be like when you have a baby that doesn't have fur? :) I love your new picture of the Savior. Good job Jared and Griff.

Jen said...

I just got your comment! Sorry I missed the other night, it has been wildly busy, no excuses, other than no one to watch my kids!!! I totally miss you, we came by the other day, but you had just left to work! I love the blog, I will add you to mine, I will drop you a line this week! Hope dinner was fun, I miss you girls! Love you to pieces girl! And HELLO, you are totally spoiled!!! I love it, you so deserve all of it and more!

Candace said...

Way to go Jared! That looks good enough to eat! I love that picture too!! Hope you guys are doing well! Hooray for babies!

wessara said...

WOW! Go Jared! I LOVE the painting!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for being so great at commenting on my blog! I miss you too and we will call you for sure when we are in town again. I agree with Jared, you will be wonderful as a mother some day and you deserve Mother's Day recognition! Love you:)

Nikki said...

That picture is one of my favorites! It is so beautiful. Your hubs did a great job!

Sunny Jo said...

Girl, You got spoiled!! Good for you!! I LOVE that picture!!