Monday, September 1, 2008

Are you an "Outsider?"

Hey everyone! My book club is THIS WEDNESDAY for anyone who wants to come to discuss "Breaking Dawn!" We meet at my house at 4438 Shady Hollow Loop at 7:00. We are going to have tons of food, yummy treats, give-a-ways, and even a couple drawing for some great stuff so, pretty much you HAVE to come if you don't want to be labeled an "outsider." :)
See you Wednesday!


wessara said...

I could be an outsider! I am so sorry! But hey I might eventualy read themone day, who knows!! Oh, and about Vegas... I decided to do it...obviously, and so it's on! We need tolook for rooms and such and ideas on how to save on them! It's going to be a short and sweet trip! Leave Friday after work and come home Sunday. My loving hubby said he can't miss ANY work! Lame!

nicopesci said...

I keep my wife up to date on what's going on with Breaking Dawn and all that good stuff from your blog. I think she's actually reading that manuscript you had up on the last one... Oh you vampire girls.

Staci said...

You should invite Chris..he's read all those books...don't tell that I told you:)