Monday, September 8, 2008

CrAzY aMaZiNg BrEaKiNg DaWn BoOk ClUb!!!

{This was the Team Jacob Give-A-Way bag}
{This is the Team Edward Give-A-Way wish you had won it huh?!}
{The food was sooooo good! Thanks to everyone who helped bring stuff!}
{The Book Club discussion got hot and heated!}
{Thanks Mindy and Jamie for always supporting my book club!!!}
{Thanks Mindy May for bringing the dessert crepes! Yum!}
{Check out these beautiful "Book Thongs"that Angie T. made as one of the give-a-ways!}
{Can you see the details? The wolf and wedding ring charms are adorable!}
{Angie WILL be making more of these book thongs to sell at our next book club (yea) so stay tuned for more details if your interested in purchasing one for you or for a unique gift!}

Our "Breaking Dawn" book club was a HUGE success!!! We had over 20 girls show up with their friends and family members to talk about one of our favorite books! I knew with that many people it was going to be a crazy night so we organized the whole club a bit differently. I need to say thanks to Laura C. who did an amazing job with her DVD interview clips of stephanie meyer. The interview answered all of our probing questions and unsettled feelings about the book. I need to give a big thanks to Angie T. who helped me keep my sanity through out the day getting things put together and organized, you always get me through the crazy stuff! And lastly, thanks also needs to go out to everyone who helped make the night a success for all the wonderful food, help, discussion, and give-a-ways! THANK YOU LADIES!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!
Our next book will be "Rebecca" by: Daphne du Maurier and we'll meet on October 1st to discuss the book and for those of you who want to stay, we'll be watching Alfred Hitchcocks movie of the book after!
{P.S. I LOVE comments if you decide to make my day by leaving one!}


Frampton Family said...

I am really bummed to have missed book club this time. It looks like it was a lot of fun. And the food looks absolutely amazing!


LOVE my book thong that I won. Thanks for hosting such a fun get together. You did such a good job coordinating everything.

April said...

Thanks for the fun book club! (It would have been funner if I had won something!lol!) You're always such a good hostess and I always look forward to coming!

Destiny Rayburn said...

you have been tagged. check my blog to see what it's about.

Tami said...

Kelly, your guys' blog is so cute! Your book club party looks like quite the fun event! It's fun to see what the two of you are up to!

Stephen and Effie said...

Looks like it was fun kelly wish I could have been there

Logan said...

Thank goodness those thongs are for books. I don't think they'd sell well in other industries.