Thursday, September 11, 2008

Rocking it in South Dakota!

So here's the story: Angie and her husband have an adorable little dog named Cash and they decided that he needed a friend to play and wrestle with. So after months of internet searching they found a dog of the same breed (a "cocker-shawn" mix-spelled phonetically) and decided to adopt it from this amazing lady named Faith who finds homes for disadvanted pets. The only problem was, this dog they wanted to adopt was in SoUtH DaKoTa of all places! So Angie being the super woman she is was like,"I'll go get him all on my own!" Her husband wasn't able to go with her and so Angie was going by herself. That's when I said, "Angie, don't go alone! You'll need help and who knows what South Dakota has in store for you!" As many of you know, I can always work my way into a trip somehow...I have a sixth sense for inviting myself along on other peoples trips and adventures!!! :) So, Angie was sweet enough to let me come along for this fun event! Our first night in South Dakota was basically a Girls Night Out at this swanky amazing restaurant called "Cafe 334." Surprisingly it was some of the best food I've ever had! We then hit the mall and a movie! The next day we did what we went there for...we got Angie's new "baby!" They ended up naming him Bowie (Bo) after David Bowie since they named their first dog after Johnny Cash, cute huh?! We played with him all day and all night and he is a pure sweetheart! The pictures below show the highlights of our trip and Bowie in his puppy diaper! You heard me right, he had diapers since he isn't potty trained yet! Thanks again Angie for allowing me to come be apart of this special moment in your life and for all the fun memories! I'll never forget when Bowie peed on me in the car...we bonded for life.;)
Angie in front of Cafe 334...the steak sandwich is truly amazing!
Angie and I posing at our cute table...we are major posers and I love it!
The sunsets in South Dakota were beautiful every night
Flying home with Bowie...he was sooo good!
Bowie loved playing with the "puppy" in the mirror! He missed his sister who we left in SD.
This is how Angie carted Bowie around all weekend, cute huh?
What a doll!
Bowie sleeping in his puppy diaper! Everytime I see him in it I can't help but smile because it makes me so happy!


Bear, Angie, Honey, Cash & Bowie said...

Who knew that Sioux Falls, SD could actually be so much fun?! Although, I think we have a knack for making ANYTHING fun :)!! Thanks again Kel., it would've been a rough trip without you!

wessara said...

HA! Puppy diapers? That is hilarious!! He is such a cute little guy!

* Amber * said...

s. dakota.. how fun!!! the pics made me sad.. I had a doggy just like that and it got ran over. but what fun times.. heheh