Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Halloween Past Picture Challenge!

Jared didn't know where to put his hands because my bustle was so big! I hit so many things with my butt that night!
We were actually dressed up for a murder mystery dinner (thanks again Betsy), but it was really close to Halloween!
Aren't we just the cutest "Bells of the Ball?!"
This is the look I get from Jared about 3 a day!

So, let's see you post some of your old embarrassing Halloween photos from past years! Not just pictures of your kids dressed up, but pictures where YOU are dressed up as well! (If you are dressed up with your kids that's fine, I just want to see you in the photo!) I think I need to take this challenge old school right know what...I triple dog dare you to make a post with your old Halloween pictures this week! ;)


Payne Family said...

Great pictures! I have to admit the "bustle" problems left me with a mischievous grin on my face.... beautiful, slender Kelly got to spend one night "in my shoes" where her backside always got in the way :) Now lets see- what costume can I find that will TAKE AWAY my butt for one night??? Can't think of one yet. Let me know if you think of any :)
p.s. We have a new blog address:


April said...

You guys really get into the Halloween spirit! Good for you! I'd post some pictures of us all dressed up, but actually, we've never dressed up for Halloween! What party poopers ha?!!

Mindy said...

Absolutely Awesome Pictures! You are smokin' as Cat Woman! I will have to rummage around for some Halloween Pictures of Jon and me. I loved this post. It inspires to dress up this year!

wessara said...

Oh the HOWL! I have never been, but heard many a naked women stories!! I hate to say it but we are lame and have NO pictures of us at Halloween. We never have really dressed up! But are you suprised?

Long Family said...

Kelly, I love this post! I love that you guys dress up for Halloween- so fun! We'll have to have another Murder Mystery Pary-

Sunny Jo said...

LOVE all your costume pictures!! I totally remember that cat women costume!! And i miss going up to logan to go to the Howl!! Its so fun walking down memory lane!!
By the way...I posted wrong about Nina!! She is only 8 WEEKS pregnant!! MY BAD!!
miss you girl...