Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Four years?! It still feels like one!!!

{This was the picture that started it all. This was taken after our first date while I was living in Logan attending USU. Jared came up to take me out to dinner and to see the town. We've been together ever since that day.}

{Happy 4 Year Anniversary!!!}

{These flowers were in the middle of our room when I walked in}
{Jared took me to see the Body Worlds exhibit in Salt Lake. We both had been wanting to see it and it was amazing!}
{Awww, cute!}
{This is the Providence Bed & Breakfast in Logan}
{Isn't it just precious?}
{So quaint and peaceful}
{Room 200 was the "lucky" room!}
{Jared and I taking a walk on the Bed & Breakfast grounds which were beautiful!}

I feel awful because I forgot to blog about Jared and I's 4 year anniversary!!! We celebrated it on October 8th which landed dead smack in the middle of both of our school schedules but Jared made it work. Jared knowing how much I love surprises told me to pack an overnight bag, just in case, and be ready to go have fun after school on the 7th. I was so excited that I couldn't sleep the night before because I was coming up with all the possibilities of what we could be doing or where we might be going! So after school Jared and I headed out and all I knew was that we were heading North! We passed Salt Lake City, we drove by Centerville, we continued on past Brigham City into Sardine Canyon! It was dark at this point and I really had NO idea where we were going until we pulled up to the Providence Bed and Breakfast! Jared and I have never been to a Bed and Breakfast so we were both having fun being treated like royalty! The next morning Jared suprised me again by taking me all around Logan (one of my favorite cities after living there when I went to USU) and then heading back to Salt Lake to see the Body Worlds 3 exibit. Let's be honest, the exibit in it's self isn't "romantic" but to me it was because Jared knew how bad I'd been wanting to see it! Afterwards we grabbed some sushi at Happy Sumo and headed home to watch a movie cuddled up on the couch. Perfect. I love Jared so much and I adore the fact that he is always trying to make me happy in new and fun ways. I don't deserve him but as long as he loves me I'll love him more back. Happy Anniversary baby!

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Logan said...

What an awesome husband you have. Guys like him make me look bad (and not just figuratively ;) Too bad you blogged this or I could have stolen the whole shebang for our anniversary on Nov. 19. Shucks.