Friday, December 12, 2008

Finals Week!

This is EXACTLY how I feel right now!!!
Many of you may have noticed that I haven't ExIsTeD for the past few weeks! The reason being that this semester at school has been really rough on me, especially as of late. But, I am happy to announce that next week is finals week! (That's not the good news!) The REAL happy news is that after next week, I'm DONE for the year and I can have my life back!!! At least until January when my next semester starts! I just had to tell someone my good news because I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel! Wish me luck on my finals this week!


Dirty said...

You have done a great job babe. I am so proud of you!

* Amber * said...

yOU are so funny!! I love it! Great picture! Your pulling a face and still look beautiful! I hope you have a great christmas hottie.. I moved to idaho and not so happy about it.. but I might have to get some books from you soon!

Payne Family said...

I just finished finals too! I know exactly how you feel. But it's a nice break now! See you Friday.