Monday, January 26, 2009

Gary & Harry: A tale of two turtles

I've been meaning to blog about this book for ages now but I finally got around to doing it! {It was one of my many New Years resolutions!} When Jared and I went to Kauai two years ago I found this adorable book that just caught my eye. Jared and I aren't much for souvenirs but we like to buy one thing from each place we go that's unique to that area that you typically can't find anywhere else. This book was my Kauai souvenir! This book was written by Lisa Matsumoto who is a native of Hawaii. The illustrator, Michael Furuya is the illustrator for the award-winning children’s book How the B-52 Cockroach Learned to Fly and other regional bestsellers and I just fell in love with the beautiful pictures on each page! I've uploaded a few pictures below so you can all enjoy them too!
Story synopsis: "Deep in the sparkling sea two playful sea turtles, Gary, a green sea turtle and Harry, a hawksbill turtle explore their ocean home. Together, the two friends discover a vast array of fascinating marine life and the challenges they often face in the deep blue sea."

P.S. I would LOVE it if anyone else wanted to take this post as a "TAG" and choose one of their favorite Children's books to blog about! I am always in the market for good Children's books! What do you say...will you do it? Pretty please...anyone...anyone at all?


Mindy said...

That book looks so cute. I have this thing for hawksbill sea turtles :) Can you only get in Hawaii?

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a way cute book! You know I have a soft spot for children's books too :)