Monday, January 12, 2009

Resolution #1...anyone else in the same boat?

{Resolutions are often fleeting like this dandelion and that's why I'm blogging about mine to help keep me on track and accountable for what I'm accomplishing and what I'm not! This dandelion image is in my basement to help remind me not to flake out on things! Read below to see what it is I'm currently working on!} {Our home while first being built}
"The best things in life aren't things..."but I sure do love my beautiful home!
I've decided to do a series of blog posts you, my friends and family know about my 2009 New Year's resolutions so that I will actually stick to them this year! My first resolution was to be grateful for the things that I have and to stop wanting for the things that I don't have. Something that I didn't realize I was doing was always commenting on other people's homes and other people's decorations when my husband Jared said, "Do you not like the home we live in? Are you not content with the home we have because you always seem to be wishing and wanting other peoples homes." When he told me that it about made me cry! I had never thought about it like that before! You know how it is, you see a beautiful home or piece of furniture that you don't have and you want it for that moment...for that impulsive second...but you forget about the home and the things YOU have that you love and adore! So, that is where my first resolution came from. I want my husband to know how much I LOVE our home and all the many wonderful little touches in that make me feel like it's ours. The pictures I've posted below are all the things that I love about our home that for some unknown reason, make me happy. Enjoy the journey through my eyes of our home...
{I have a few weird loves and one of them is KEYS!}

{We hardly use this cute little reading niche, but I feel better knowing we have it...I don't try to understand my madness!}
{I LOVE that Griffin is always waiting for me at the top of the stairs when we go to the basement! He's my little angel!}
{This peace lily has been with Jared for 7 years now. He got it when his best friend died in a motorcycle accident and it's flourished ever since.
{I have this statue in our bedroom and I can't explain it but it's so soothing and tranquil to me! I know it's a bit sensual but I love how the two individuals blend together into one...whoo whoo!}
{I made these frames with leaves that I collected while I was living in Logan while I attended Utah State University. I absolutely adore Logan and I miss it every fall. If you've never driven though Sardine Canyon in the fall you are missing out, the fall leaves are breath taking.}
{As I mentioned earlier, I have a strange and unknown love of keys and it makes me smile every day when I come in the door and see our coat racks there with a beautiful set of keys hanging from them...please don't laugh out loud, I can hear that!}
{So, when Jared and I were choosing our home model 3 years ago, I seriously wanted the Woodbridge over any other of the models because of all the cute niches it had!!! I made this arrangement to fill the niche that got me our home!}
{I think that piano music fascinating and beautiful. I love to display it on my piano because I treat it like wallpaper}
{I...LOVE...MY....GRAND....PIANO!!!!! I never thought in a million years that I would one day own a grand piano but due to a few random and perfect events I have it! It makes me giddy to know it's MY home waiting for me to play on it when I need to relax.}

{Okay, for ANYONE who knows me or even anyone who knows OF me knows that I AM OBSESSED with books!!!! I can't explain how comforting and homey books are to me but I can tell you that I have way WAY more books than I could ever care to count!}

{This is just one of the four bookshelves we own! One thing that really drew me to Jared was that he also had a love of reading. When we were dating, we used to read the same book at the same time so we could talk about it together and "bond" I guess! We are official weirdoes!}

{I write all my personal reviews about the books I read in here. I got this way cute little book off of Etsy's website.)

{This is the last room on the "tour!" We call this the piano room since the piano takes up the majority of it but this is my FAVORITE room in the entire house! I've got my piano, my books, my children’s book collection, my IKEA couch, and my chandelier mirror all in one could you not love this room?!}

I am so grateful for my beautiful home and for the friends and family who fill it. I hope that you all feel comfortable when you are here and know that I feel like a home is more "seasoned" with the more people who come to it.


Alexis said...

Your house is so darling! Even though I have been over, I haven't seen hardly any of it! Lets hang out again

Logan said...

My new years resolution just became not hating you for having such an awesome house. Let's throw not coveting in there too for good measure. Seriously though, wow. Your house is amazing. You said "home" throughout your post and that weirded me out. Home and house is like supper and dinner. One just sounds weird to me. Anyway, great post. You're a very admirable person. I am impressed with how well grounded you are and how you attach legitimate meaning to objects in your house. You man is quite lucky. I'm going to continue avoiding hanging out with you until I feel like I'm up to your caliber, lol. Also, you need to pick a new book for book club. My wife says she's usually already read the book you're all reading for book club. I keep trying to get her to go and bring me back some of that amazing looking food!

Mindy said...

The house looks great! Last time I saw it you had only been in for a few months. I really want the "updated" tour one of these days :)

Chris said...

What a great post! Seriously, you've made me rethink how lucky I am to have a great house as well. On my mission I saw people living next to the mountain side so that the mountain could be a wall for their house so they only had to construct 3 walls instead of 4. Thanks for the great post!

April said...

Ok, so confession time...I always covet your house and the way you've painted and decorated, every time I come over! It's gorgeous! But I need to be grateful for mine...even with the stains on the carpet and dings on the walls. (I'm sure I'll miss that one day when the kids are grown and gone.) Anyways, thanks for reminding me to stay in check and to be thankful for all that I do have!

nicopesci said...

Where did you get the stencils to write the quotes on your walls? There's something Abbie and I want to do to our kitchen, but not sure how to do it. Email me on facebook about it please oh please!

Stephen and Effie said...

You know I think your house is awesome, remember how I got you to let me in to see it when we had just met? Good luck with school. Only you and Olivia Newton could look that good in that outfit

Mindy said...

P.S. I tagged you :)

Aly G said...

Kelly, you have a gorgeous house. You are very talented! Love reading your blog! I found it from Mckells. Keep in touch! Aly