Thursday, January 1, 2009

Major Catchup Extravaganza!!! Christmas, My Birthday & New Years!!!

This was my Girls PJ Birthday Party!
My friends are amazing...thanks for coming.

The food at my PJ party was the bomb! (Yes, I used the word bomb, sue me!)

I went to Tepanyaki's with Jared and my Parents for dinner
I could be a Geisha...tee hee
Jared got me these WAY CUTE BOOTS!!! Good job Jared!

My wonderful Mother and sister in law (Linda and Lacey) got me these bracelets! They have a matching necklace that goes with them and they are beautiful! Thanks again.

This is my birthday outfit that I got my Linda, Lacey, and Jared! LOVE IT ALL!
Jared & I on Christmas day in Vernal!
Here's Destiny and I at my parents for Christmas #2 on the 26th
Jared said he "Was Done" doing Christmas!
Even Griffin got into the Holiday Spirit!

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wessara said...

I must say... me and Laura take the "crazy picture" winnings... everyone else was really just not quite there!