Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Graduation Gladness!!! WARNING: Picture Overload!

{Me & Amanda-I wouldn't have gotten through school without her}
{Walking out to our seats}
{Jared came over to me right after the graduation and picked me and started to spin me!!! So cute and so much fun!}
{My fun family!}
{My grandma was so supportive and proud of me...I love her so much}
{My in laws came up from Vernal to watch a boring graduation for me! I lucked out on getting great in laws!}
{From Left to right: Chad, Destiny, Me, Jared, & Gregg-were just acting how we felt!}
{My hero, my friend, my support, my amazing husband}
{Not sure why, but Amanda loves to pick me up randomly!}
{Tassels are the new Hotness didn't you know?!}
{Whoow, Hewwww!}
{After the graduation we went out to lunch at "Red Robin" (where Jared and I met!)}
{So, I guess I shouldn't have planned a BBQ two and a half weeks in advance because it ended up raining on us! Last second we had to move the whole party to our house (our garage!) It wasn't what we had planned but it turned out great anyways! I have such wonderful friends!
{The Master Chef!}
{Garage Parties are awesome...right?}
{The chaos was my BBQ!}
{I can never forget my puppy Griffin!!!}
{I gave my mom this "Stowe of Gratitude" that I graduated in with a personalized note on the inside from me. It's a tradition to give the Stowe away to the person who encouraged and helped you the most in your educational pursuit and that person was my mother.}
{Helping her put it on}
{If you can't tell, were signing 2009!}
{The BOYS!!! They are putting out the vibe!}


Staci said...

Congrats! What an accomplishment!

Tricia said...

Congrats! You did it and so proud of you!!!

A Kristi Approved Group said...

You must feel amazing! Congratulations again!

Kelie said...

So happy for you! Congrats on a great journey!!!

Ambo said...

how exciting for you! congrats, your super woman!!! Love the pictures, your beautiful as always!

KatieKaseyBrielle said...

Congrats! What a great accomplishment!!!

Jon and Mindy said...

I love your pics! Wish I could have been there! You look great!