Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Family, Friends, and Fireworks!

{Mckell, her baby girl Josee, and me...I want to steal her! She's the best baby!}
{Siblings: My aunt Kathy, Janet, my Dad, and my Aunt Gail}
{My mom and I posed and ready for the prom! (My mom likes pictures that are planned out if you didn't know that about her already!}
{Destiny and I, sisters 4 ever yo! I'm so lucky she came into my life}
{My adorable Grandma doing exactly what you should on the 4th....chillin!
P.S. don't you love my dad's authentic 70's lounge chair that she's laying on?}
{Can I just tell you how bad it BUGS me that my Dad wears SOCKS with his SANDLES?!? I mean, why even wear sandles if you don't want the nice breeze between your toes? It's a battle I've been fighting him on for over 10 years now and I'm not any closer to the finish line! I love my dad inspite of his crazy fashion sense, and I'm SUPER grateful that he didn't wear his usual Sponge Bob Square Pants shirts this 4th of July!


Bethany said...

Hanging out with family is the best, one of my favorite reasons we have holidays. You all look so patriotic. You have the most beautiful smile Kelly, planed or unplanned, gorgeous.

April said...

Looks like you had a fun 4th of July! Your family is all so cute! You always take great pictures too!