Friday, August 21, 2009

Where I've been lately and my doins!

Just to give you all fair warning, this post has an OVERLOAD of pictures so beware! I haven't found much time to this summer to post on my blog but I finally decided to just do one HUGE post and hopefully my guilt from not blogging will subside! So here we go...
Chad and I chowing down on Bear Lake's famous Raspberry shakes!
Bear Lake from the viewpoint
Jared and I heading down to Bear Lake
Here I am at the Raspberry Days festival eating the BEST raspberry jam on homemade bread!
For Culture Club last month we went to the Deer Valley Summer Symphony! They played Mozart which was beautiful and a real joy to listen to

Here are the girls huddling together trying to stay warm! It was 92 degrees when we left our house to go to the symphony and it dropped down to 55 degrees while we were there watching! Burr!
Ahhh, so cute! This is Nick and Shalease who are both Managers for me at Sunstop...yep, that's right, a Sunstop wedding!!!
Jared and I cuddling at their reception at the nostalgic from our own reception there almost 5 years ago!
This is part of the Sunstop crew all gathered together to support the Nick and Shalease
Another BIG event this month was.....drum roll please....JARED FINALLY GRADUATED!!!!
This is the whole graduation crew!
I made this sign for Jared among other things I used to decorate the outside of our house to surprise him with when we got home only to discover when it was time that a rainstorm had blown everything to bits, popped all the balloons, and wrecked my surprise!
Tassels are hot!
We've done a lot of boating this summer since Jared and I both finished school...I'm still not great at wake boarding but it's coming along!
Here's Nick showing us all how it's done!
Libby giving wake boarding a try...she did AMAZING!
This is how I like to boat...ahhhh....
When our good friends the Pendletons came into town to visit we took them to their favorite place...the lake!
Watching people tube is so flippin funny!
Beautiful sunset on the lake
Jamie and I being goofs!

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Jamie said...

Thanks again for taking us on the lake...we LOVED it! However, that picture of me is not so hot! :)