Friday, September 18, 2009

Help my hair!

I created this picture from so I could see sort of what my hair would look like with a bob...humm.

I'm in a mood where I really want to do something new with my hair. I hair bored! I think I want to trim up my layers and cut 3-4 inches, not sure about my color, but I feel like I need a change. So, I've posted a few ideas below as to what I think might be fun to try and I was hoping for your opinions! I love the length of Eva's hair in this picture

This "long bob" was recommended by Eliza and I checked into it, what do you think?
I love this picture of Victoria's hair! Now if only I had her cleavage, I could really pull it off! ;)

Heidi is looking beautiful as always.


April said...

I really like Gwyneth's long bob. I think it would look way cute on you!!

Markelle said...

I love love love the long bob {lob} and yes I too think the lob will look great on you. really.