Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hollywood's Getting Their Movie Ideas from Barnes & Noble!!

I've come to the decision that the executive in Hollywood has run out of movie ideas. Seriously!Has anyone else taken notice that every movie lately is either based of a book, or a old marvel comic? If you don't believe me that Hollywood is using book authors as their personal "screenwriters," check out the list I've compiled of books that are either currently being made into a movie or will be made into movies over the next couple of years. , I only spotlighted a few of the books that are coming to the big screen but there are a bunch!
I will admit that I am positively giddy about several of the books listed below being made into movies...I guess that makes me a sell out...oh well, I just can't help watching the love triangle between Bella, Edward and Jacob!
The Giver will release in 2011
Life of Pi is scheduled to release in 2011
New Moon will release on November 20, 2009 (Like you didn't already know!)
The Uglies will release in 2011
The Lovely Bones will release on January 15 2009

Where the Wild Things are will release on October 16 2009

The Vampire's Assistant will release on October 23 2009
Fantastic Mr. Fox will release on November 25 2009
Shutter Island will release February 19 2009
The Blind Side will Release November 20 2009
The Road will release November 25, 2009
Neverwhere's release is TBA
The Dogs of Babel's release is TBA
Alice in Wonderland will release March 5, 2010
It's Cloudy, with a chance of Meatballs will release September 19, 2009
The Hunger Games is scheduled to release in 2011
The Lightening Thief will release in February 2010
A Great and Terrible Beauty is scheduled to release in 2010
The Alchemist is planning to release in 2011


Bethany said...

WHAT? Hunger Games? What will that one's rating be... it will be a gruesome one for sure. But life of Pie is pretty intense too. I havent read many of the other books though...Pretty excited about Alice and wonderland....The giver has the opportunity to be really cool and artistic....memories, a black and white world. We will just have to wait and see.

Logan said...

This bums me out. I wanted to read so many of those books, but once I see the movie, I always lose interest. Thanks for the heads up.

Markelle said...

wowsers! I actually did think that there were a lot of movies being made into movies, but I didn't know about half of these! I love being enlightened from your blog!

Wonderland Girl said...

don't forget the Time Traveler's Wife!