Wednesday, October 14, 2009

5 years and counting

Jared and I celebrated our long awaited 5 year anniversary this year on October 8th!
To be honest, this was the anniversary I'd been looking forward to the most, and I'll explain why. 5 years is a real landmark when it comes to relationships right? So, back when Jared and I were still engaged, I remember laying out in my mind what our first 5 years together was going to be like. (That's a normal, excited engaged girl thing to do right?)
For our first 5 years of marriage I envisioned us going on a different trip every anniversary to celebrate in our accomplishments, love, and relationship. I LOVE to travel and Jared loves to watch me get super excited where ever we go so it was a perfect plan!
Each year we did just as I had planned a took a trip.
Our first year anniversary we traveled to Jackson Hole WY and experienced Yellowstone national park. That's been Jared's favorite trip because we ran into a HUGE herd of elk crossing the road one night and I've NEVER seen Jared more giddy in my life! And Yes, I meant to say giddy!
Happy 1st year!
Our second anniversary we jetted off to sunny California and spent a weekend playing at one of my favorite places, Universal Studio's! By the way,Universal is absolutely amazing to see around Halloween with all the props they put up!
Happy 2nd Year!

For our third anniversary we celebrated it in conjunction with my parents 25th wedding anniversary in Kauai Hawaii!! Our whole family traveled to Hawaii to celebrate with my parents together around the end of September of 2007 so Jared and I counted that as our 3rd anniversary trip. It was heavenly.

Last year, Jared surprised me by telling me to pack a bag for an overnight trip, to bring something warm, and to meet him by the car in 20 minutes! He whisked me away up to one of my favorite places. I am a true Aggie so I have a soft spot for the Cache Valley! He took me to a beautiful Bed and Breakfast in near Logan Utah where we were pampered and lazy all day long!

And Finally... for the crem della crem on our 5 year wedding anniversary (drum roll please...)I had planned a spectacular 15 day Mediterranean cruise that would start in Venice Italy and end in Barcelona Spain! I had it all planned out except for the economical downfall that hit with perfect timing! As the economy got worse and worse and our budget got tighter and tighter I realised that the trip I had spent 5 years planning was not going to happen.
At first, I wasn't taking no for an answer! I was NOT accepting the reality of the situation. I had an expectation and it WAS going to happen, no ifs, ands, or buts about it! But, what I didn't realise was that I needed to learn a lesson. It was time for me to learn the hard lessons about: humility, maturing, everything in moderation, gratitude, money, and patience. (That last one is a killer for me!) Naturally, Jared felt awful that he couldn't make this Europe trip work like I had envisioned. I watched as he scrambled to work extra hours, stress himself out over it, and stretch our budget in any way possible to see if he could find any extra money. It finally hit me when Jared told me he'd have to work an extra job for a while to make it work when I thought..."how self absorbed and selfish am I?!" I was willing to put my husband through an anxiety attack, our alread tight budget though the roof, and my silly wants above any of our actual needs! Oh my gosh...who have I become? It suddenly hit me how selfish I had actually been and got down on my knees right then and there to pray for forgiveness. It was the eye opening experience I think the Lord has been trying to hit me over the head with for years now and I had to push it to the limits! Message received this time.
I have since redirected my thinking feelings about my wants and needs and feel as though I have a clearer picture of aligning our wants needs with what the Lord would approve of. The "fruits" of realizing my sin and changing it: Jared and I have never been closer in our relationship, I have a clearer picture of my relationship with the Lord now, I no longer have a NEED to go shopping, traveling, or spending to relieve my anxieties, and I know that the only things I need are my husband, my puppy, my family & friends, and my faith, and to remember that all things important and needful will fall into place.
Europe, we will meet one day.
So, instead of going to Italy for our 5 year anniversary this year, we did the next best thing and went to eat out at Carrabba's which is a great little Italian restaurant. My wonderful parents took us out to eat that night and Jared and I had a great day together sleeping in, lounging, giggling, watching old TV shows while cuddling on the couch not worrying about a thing. Perfect.
Thanks Mom & Dad for dinner!
This special lemon bread pudding was fabulous!
Happy 5 year anniversary Jared...I love you with all of my heart and I don't know how you have had the patience and understanding to put up with me and my self absorbed ideas all these years, but I love you all the more because of it! And I want you to know that this was my favorite anniversary yet, I really mean that. XOXO!

5 years and counting...


Sunny Jo said...

Oh what a cute post!! I really enjoyed reading it!! Happy 5 years!! :)

Mindy said...

Happy "late" anniversary! I love that you put pictures from each of the last 4 years. You do realize how bad you suck...I swear you're the only person I know that gets not only more beautiful each year, but stays just as thin and young looking (if not thinner and younger). So, yea, you suck :) Sorry about not being able to do Europe. Maybe for your 10!?

Ashley, Cory and Cash too!!! said...

Congrats on the 5 years! I'm glad you are doing so great! We love you guys!

Markelle said...

Congrats! I liked your anniversary recap...Brent and I had big Europe plans for our 5 year anniversary, {coming up this November} but alas we too are unable to go. Who says you can't do it for your sixth, seventh or even eighth anniversary.

Aly G said...

Happy Fifth Anniversary! Time goes so fast! You will have so many more chances in life to go to spain and all! And at least when you go you will enjoy it!:)