Monday, October 19, 2009

Silver Lake Hike=Fall Picture Overload!!

Here Jared and I are happy and warm before we started our hike to Silver Lake up A.F. Canyon
Fall is my FAVORITE time of the year and I was so upset when that dang snow storm hit early this year and killed all the fall colors! I didn't get a chance to see all the trees on fire with color but during our hike I did experience some beautiful moments. The rest of the pictures below are of those "moments" I saw. Enjoy!

Our group on the move!

We did get into some snow...interesting
Angie's dog Bowie carried a "puppy pack" for his water and food! So adorable!
The view from the top

The beautiful ladies I hiked with
LOL, okay, the picture above of me with a big frown on my face is because as we were hiking right before we got to the top, we passed another hiker who had a German Short hair dog with him. We stopped to chat with him about his dog for a minute and he kept saying, "This dog has the BEST temperament, its the best dog I've ever had...he's so good..etc." While this man is saying all of this,his dog walks up to me, stops, then casually lifts his leg up and starts to pee on me!!! I jumped out of the way as soon as I realized what was happening but he defiantly marked his territory on my pants!
The whole group at the Lake
Silver Lake
Yes, it was as cold as it looked!
This was so amazing! On our hike back from the lake we spotted 2 moose from the trail! As we kept hiking we crossed right in front of one of the female moose and it just sat there as we took pictures of it! It was beautiful and a rare moment!

I love moss, I think it's beautiful and the texture of it is amazing

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Logan Tanner said...

Literally my favorite hike in all of Utah.