Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Guess What I Tried?!

Every Thanksgiving Jared's dad, Randy is sweet enough to takes all of us on a traditional pheasant hunt. (It's traditional in Vernal Okay!)
Randy had two dogs (Digger and Riggs) that are AMAZING hunting dogs! It is so neat to watch them do what they love and go crazy at the thought of seeing a pheasant!
For 5 1/2 years Jared and his family have been trying to convince me to shoot a gun.
I've said no.
For some reason, (maybe because I'm a klutz) I've never felt comfortable around guns let alone shooting one because I just knew that I'd shoot my eye out! Well, FINALLY after deciding I needed to face my fear head on, I tried shooting a 20 gage rifle.
(What were they thinking giving putting something deadly in my hands?)
It took me forever to get the gun in the right position without feeling like it was going to slip off my shoulder and whack me if I shot, but eventually I worked it out.
Here's how it went down.
I told Jared to pull the clay pigeon...
I closed my eyes...
I pulled the trigger...
and shot..................
....it felt good!
I opened my eyes to see the clay pigeon in pieces!! I totally shot it down! (Whhattt?!)
 I was so excited I instantly got into position again and said, "Pull!"and shot another one down! (Are you kidding me right now?!)
I think I like this shooting thing! I shot a few more before we started the hunt but had a grin on my face for the rest of the day. I have to admit, it was fun and it felt good. But don't worry, I don't want to shoot anything but clay pigeons and coke cans!
One fear down and only 152 more to go.
This was my first shot. I think Jared had a tear of happiness he was SO proud of me!
Me after I shot the first time.
Below are a few of my favorite pictures I've taken on past Pheasant Hunts over the years.
Check out the picture of me almost getting shot!
This is Riggs after a great day of hunting! He's drunk with happiness!
Here's Digger on point showing us where the pheasant is. Isn't he beautiful?
Here I am holding the birds in my vest. The vests are designed to hold birds for you so you can keep your hands free. It was weird at first for me to do this, but I guess you can get use to anything.
Do you notice how all the guns are pointing at me? This bird was pointed the other direction when it started flying but did a 180 and started flying straight at me! I made the decision to get a great photo then duck. I think I made the right choice don't you? :)
This is a great action shot. You can see the dogs on point, guns going off, and the bird who's causing all the excitement.
Beautiful dogs and a great picture of their rugged manly sides!


Bethany said...

Nice Kel! I bet Jared was giddy over the fact that his wife is such a good shot with a rifle. Those dogs are are amazing, so cute and the things they can do. You got some really great pictures, It looks like a really cool experience. Oh and love the pic of Santa Griffin up top. Im still loving my Griffin Potter you gave me.

Nikki said...

Once you get used to feeling, shooting is such a rush. I love it. Now I get excited when we get to shoot our shotgun. I'm glad you had fun!