Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Moon: My opinion {Giggles!}

Don't act surprised that I'm doing this HUGE New Moon post, you all know by now how much I enjoy the Twilight Sage so I'm just going to jump right in chat candidly about the movie! :)
I want to share some of my favorite moments from the movie and a few of the moments I wish had been cut! Overall, I thought the movie was great, the CGI was MUCH better this time around and I loved several of the artistic camera shots. As expected, there were a few cheesy moments that are just part of the pages of the Twilight Saga. We can't escape them. But I loved the movie all the same knowing it was appealing to 14 year old girls! What can I say...I don't want to grow up.
I thought that Dakota Fanning was AMAZING as Jane! I know she had a small part but I thought she really stood out and I'm excited to see her in the other movies!
(Tee Hee, this was one of the moment I wished didn't happen!! When a theater of people laugh during a scene that's not meant to be funny...that's when you know it was a bad scene!
This moment was so great! I loved it when Edward grabbed Bella and said, "Heaven" when he thought he had died and found his love, Bella with him again. (Sigh, I'm a romantic, back off!)
I giggled so hard when Mike and Jacob were sitting in the theater with their hands open and waiting for Bella to choose a hand! Perfect.
I am admittedly pro "Team Edward", but I will admit that I did enjoy the sexual tension provided during this movie!
I think that Robert has an amazing talent for facial expressions

WHY is Jasper so Fugly looking?! I did NOT enjoy his fart faced, little girl hair in this movie! Am I alone on this?
This underwater scene was so beautifully done, I LOVED the CGI every time Edward appeared to Bella when she was trying to get her "fix."
Libby and I have opposing positions on what "Team" where on!
This was me being all twitterpatted and an excited school girl moments before I went into see New Moon at midnight!!
I love that both Jacob and Edward are looking at me like, "why are you touching me?"
Sorry Jared
What Team are you on?
I thought I just try Team Jacob for a didn't feel right.
I am Officially, Team Edward! I wasn't sure how I would feel after seeing New Moon but I'm committed to Edward.
I liked the movie, but I know the books are SOOO much better. It's fun to see the book characters come to life on the big screen but they will never live up to my own imagination. So, what did you think of the movie?


Ashley, Cory and Cash too!!! said...

You are such a cheese ball! But, I'm laughting my fanny off right now! Great movie, loved it! love ya kel!

Laura said...

I felt exactly the same way that u did (except I did like seeing Bella sparkle even though it didn't need to be in there and was awkward because the scene before was so serious!). I also love that you referred to Jasper's face as farty. That is giggles. I think they made him look like Ronald Mcdonald!! Haha

Trish said...

Love the update!! I need to go see it!!

The Winkels said...

Loved every minute of this post Kelly! How fun! You crack me up.

The Winkels said...

p.s. Love that you mentioned the "frolicking through the fields" scene...our whole theater busted up laughing as well.

wessara said...

I wish I could have seen he people watching you take those pictures!! I actually loved the movie... having not read the books I had no expectations! But I am way more of an Edward fan... I only saw Jacob as her "stand in" and NO REAL chemistry?! Well there is my 2 cents!! Oh... and Jasper was terrible! HA!