Tuesday, January 19, 2010

2009 Book Club Book Reviews

As per tradition, I am posting my book clubs final star reviews of all our 2009 book picks. We had so many great books to read this past year, I was really pleased with our excellent choices! This was the first year we didn't have ONE book under a 3 star...I'm swooning just thinking about all the amazing stories and tales we were lucky enough indulge our imaginations in for a few short moments. *Sigh*

Enjoy getting a few 2010 read ideas from the list below, you can also go to my book club blog to see past years reads and reviews at http://www.bookklubbers.blogspot.com/ Happy Reading!

JANUARY: "Jane Eyre"-By:Charlotte Bronte **** 4 stars
FEBRUARY: "Graceling"- By: Kristin Cashore ****' 4 1/2 stars
MARCH: "Sarah's Quilt"-Book 2 in These is my Words series By:Nancy E. Turner *** 3 stars
APRIL: "Crucial Conversations"-By: multiple authors **** 4 stars
MAY: "The Brother's Grimm, Select Fairy Tales"- ***' 3 1/2 stars
JUNE: "Friday Night Knitting Club"-By: Kate Jacobs ***' 3 1/2 stars
JULY: "The Holy Secret" -James L. Ferrell *** 3 stars
AUGUST: "Nine Coaches Waiting" -By: Mary Stewart ***** 5 stars
SEPTEMBER: "Catching Fire"- By: Suzanne Collins **** 4 stars
OCTOBER: "The Graveyard Book"-By: Neil Gaiman ***' 3 1/2 stars
NOVEMBER: "Fire"- By: Kristin Cashore ***' 3 1/2 stars
DECEMBER: "Little Women"- By: Louisa May Alcott **** 4 stars

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