Saturday, January 16, 2010

Best Birthday Ever

Yep, Griffin started off my 27th Birthday by singing happy birthday to me, I'm so lucky!
A BIG thanks to my family in-laws for feeding my addiction for adorable scarves...I have 15 now.
They also got me this super cozy outfit for my girls slumber party later that night
I love my crazy face in this picture because I really was THAT excited to get the "Twilight" Scene it!!
Always a great gift
I tend to get a tidge excited...
Thanks Mom for the great crock pot cook book!
Griffin LOVES the snow, I HATE cleaning it off of his fine fur!
I love you too sweetie, thanks for a great birthday

Love this dog
My parents took me out to lunch at P.F. Changs and I got this delightful (tiny) birthday was the best two bites I've ever had.
Part Deux of my birthday: PJ SLUMBER PARTY!!!!
I love this group of goofy girls more than you'll ever know
Of course we had to play my new Twilight Scene It game, and of course...
...My Team WON! Happy Birthday to me alrighty.
Angie made me this awesome cake worthy of "Elf" (buddy) for my birthday cake complete with: Cookies, brownie bites, ice-cream, chocolate syrup, and mini M&M's.
Thank you SO much Angie for hosting my slumber party at your casa, you are always the perfect host and the best kind of friend, love you.
Angie got me this perfectly pink-a-licious hat......and this Mac eyeshadow makeup that strangely enough had my EXACT eye color on the box! (We were tired and easily amused)
Thanks to everyone who made my birthday the BEST ONE YET!!!!


wessara said...

I am so sad I missed it!! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!! I must admit... The first picture grossed me out!! HA! Sick!! But Happy Belated birthday!! See you on Saturday!

amanda said...

A) I totally almost got you that twilight scene it game!!!

B) Of course you won!!!

C)I cannot believe that the Mac box had the same eye color as you!! Your eyes are very unique! I think they stole a picture of you and put it their box!!

D) I love Griffin!!! I miss him!!!!
E) I hope to see you soon!!!