Monday, April 19, 2010

A much needed trip for my Spirit

Last Friday afternoon Jared and I went to enjoy the beauty and spirit of the Salt Lake Temple. My parents joined us on our adventure and all we have to say on our way home was "wow." What a beautiful place the SL Temple is. I've never felt the spirit like I did when I went through those old Temple doors.
It was exactly what my spirit needed.
I'm so grateful I followed my heart and decided to make the date for this trip.
Below are a few pictures I took of the bright and beautiful Temple grounds and our dinner at the aMaZiNg "Garden Room Restaurant."
(PS. They have the BEST creme brulee my taste buds has EVER encountered)


Ambo said...

i love this post,, makes me miss the slc temple dearly.. You look beautiful

Sunny Jo said...

Cute pics Kelly!! U look SO beautiful!! I LOVE all the colors of the flowers!! MISS u!!

Aly G said...

Cute Bangs Kelly! You look so good:) love the temple I so need to go! Don't ya just love the way you feel after!?