Sunday, May 2, 2010

Art & Soup, Birthday's Galore & Marie Antoinette Shower= :)

April was a BUSY month and May is proving to be even nuttier! Here's a picture overload of what I've been up to as of late:

  One of my favorite things that I did at the end of March (that I forgot to blog about) was the "Art & Soup Celebration."  The Sheraton Hotel in Salt Lake City hosts this event every year and it's a hoot to check out!  Local restaurants (NICE restaurants) participate in the event by bringing their specialty soups for everyone to sample and local artists participate by bringing in samples of their works to sell.  A portion of the entry fee goes to a charity so it's all in good fun.
While we were driving up to the event I remember thinking, "I wonder if these soup samples are going to be enough for me for since I didn't eat dinner. I probably should have eaten something before I came."  Boy was I wrong! After about 5 of those little soup cup samples I was FULL!  I probably tried 10-12 different soups and skipped many because I was stuffed! 
 The art that was mixed in between the restaurant booths were breathtaking.  Below is a collage of a few of my favorite art pieces.
Shalease and I were enjoying our 10th soup sample...afterwards we were SO thirsty, we HAD to make an emergency stop to the Barnes & Noble cafe to grab my favorite Passion Fruit Iced tea (non-caffeinated). They are surprisingly refreshing and I'm fully addicted.
Below are a few pictures of my beautiful nieces and nephews who we spent time with this Easter.  It was fun to watch them search for eggs all over the house since it was FrEeZiNg outside that day!
I thought it would be fun to make each of my nieces and nephews an Easter bag from their FAVORITE Aunt & Uncle Death!  I had a blast finding creative things to entertain them because I don't believe in marshmallow chicks and cadbury eggs that always seem to induce stomach cramps and regret.
Libby had a FABULOUS 24th birthday on April 15th, one of MANY birthday I was blessed to celebrate. The Olive Garden is always a great place to gather with the girlfriends to mingle over salad and bread sticks.  Libby, you are one amazing woman and I love you!
My next EVENT was a luxurious baby shower for my friend Cassandra.  The premise for the party was "Let them eat cake," a Marie Antoinette theme full of sparkle, over abundance, and French touches.
Are you hungry yet?
My fabulous friend Kellie Hall had her birthday on April 28th and it was a joy to get-together with all of the girlfriends to celebrate it with her!  Thanks for being such a super woman Kellie! You are the best!
On Saturday my Provo manager,Chase got married to his eternal sweetheart Lauren.  Their reception was held at Wadley Farms in Lindon which is a beautiful French looking cottage and hidden gardens...basically heaven in my mind. Congrats again you two love birds!   
And last but not least, TODAY was my Brother's 30th birthday!! We enjoyed a home cooked meal by my amazing cook of a mother and a Coldstone Oreo cake (Oh my goodness divine btw). His wife got his some custom Oakley Sunglasses and a trip to Vegas.
This is what I look like after celebrating myself into a tired mess...totally worth it and I look forward to the celebrations May holds for me (6 birthdays, Cinco de Mayo, Mother's Day, 3 work meetings & clinics, book club, the Beehive Baazar, YW activities, and whatever else comes up!) 


McKell said...

I can't believe the parties you guys throw! That baby shower looks amazing (and looks like it must have cost a fortune!) Looks like you are keeping yourself very busy :)

**Oh, and I like that your nieces and nephews got a great gift from their favorite aunt and uncle "Death". hee hee. :) I couldn't resist.

Markelle said...

yep, you are one busy girl! and you still manage to look fabulous 24/7. btw, the pic of you and Jared is so cute:)