Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Word to my Mutha

This is one of my favorite pictures of my mom because I caught her in a total giggle! :) 
Mother's Day was great.  We had a fantastic mexican taco dinner at Shay & Destiny's with a full spread of desserts! (My favorite part).
Here's my Mom with her two favorite kids! :)
My Mom wasn't the only one getting expensive store bought items on Mother's Day!  Jared has always been great about celebrating me on mother's day because he says, "You are the mother of our future children and therefore you deserve to be spoiled on Mother's Day..."  Seriously, I LOVE my husband!  He surprised me and bought me the vacuum of my dreams because our current vacuum hates me and hates to do what it was born to do..suck.
My Mother's Day card from Jared
These are the yummies and gifts I made for my mom to show her I love her!
{Paula Deen loves you too}
My BIG gift to my Mom was a homemade"Gift Certificate" for a FREE pair of ANY prescription Maui Jim Sunglasses.
This is a picture of the AmAzInG white chocolate orange macaroon's I made.
 I took a picture of the recipe in case anyone else wanted to make little happy coconut cookies too.

The final result of my attempt at Paula Deen's Fresh Orange Cake
Being goofy
XoXo Jared,
You are the BEST husband out there and I had a lovely Mother's Day...thanks to you...thanks for everything.

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Bethany said...

Congrats on the Dyson! they are life changers. That cake looks amazing, I bet it was tasty. Yay for moms and husbands that celebrate future moms.