Monday, May 10, 2010

Beehive Bazaar!

I have been trying to get myself to the Beehive Bazaar for three years now and I am SO glad that I FINALLY got my lazy tush there!  If you aren't familiar with the Beehive Bazaar here is a little appetiser to get you excited for the next one!
"The Beehive Bazaar has become all-the-buzz in Utah every spring and winter when they showcase the independent designs, arts, crafts and edibles of more than 50 trend-setting local artists. The Bazaar touts a hand-selected inventory of unique, quality and most importantly, to-die-for handmade goods including jewelry, paintings, bags, glass, vinyl, paper, clothing and accessories as well as couture cupcakes, jams, cookies, caramels and treats. This is in no way your mother’s craft boutique."

Below area  few of my favorite "finds" that I saw at the show. Enjoy!

I bought the bird and nest necklace shown below because it wanted me to buy least, that's what I told my husband. :)

I also bought this wonderfully unique "Anne Made" jam shown below.
  All of the flavors I tasted were amazing, I especially loved the strawberry basil. 
Libby especially liked Colt Bowden's artwork...maybe too much.
Here are a few websites of other vendors I liked:
After the Bazaar we all gathered at my Casa for Laura's homemade cherry coke's. 
It was the perfect end to a perfect Friday.  Perfect Days are rare and hard to catch so I enjoyed every moment of mine.  Here's hoping you have one soon!

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