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"Please, I don't want to fight!" My Review Bree Tanner and of the Eclipse Novella

2.7 out of 5 Stars

"Please. I don't want to fight"

Synopsis: Bree Tanner was a fifteen year old runaway before she became a vampire. Now, a three-month-old vampire, Bree has to find ways to stay alive, to feed without getting caught, and to find the truth about her new life. But Riley, the leader of this gang, is spurring them to war.
What I Didn't Like:
1.) I don't know if I consider this a bad thing or not but you know it's a Stephenie Meyer book when after meeting a boy for two seconds, the girl cannot live without him. Yes, Bree becomes very friendly (never exactly romantic, though) with Diego and when he is gone, she is devastated to the point of giving up on living. Hum.

2.) I guess one of my biggest complaints is that Meyer takes a character, who was in the big battle with vampires and werewolves, and TOTALLY AVOIDS WRITING THE BATTLE SCENE! Bree ends up avoiding it by hanging in the back for two seconds, and POOF! When she appears, the battle is all gone, the werewolves are elsewhere, and I am so confused about how long this battle took, who was where, who did what, and what was the point of writing from Bree if you can't even write the battle that she would have taken part it?

What I did Like:
1.) Bree Tanner, for one, is not a Bella clone. She is far more independent and curious, a lot more proactive and a lot more involved in her own life. I thought she had way more spunk than Bella has ever shown. Sure, Bree has no hobbies either, besides reading, but Bree is a newborn vampire. I don't expect to find her in a knitting circle.
2.) Learning more about newborn vampires in general was eye-opening. Finally, Meyer gets to explore her creation. We get to see newborn vampires have absolutely no loyalty to each other, no self-control, and no qualms about sinking their teeth into their poor human food banks. I liked reading Bree and Diego roam Seattle.

3.) Since I'm a Psychology Major and"people watcher," I love anything that has to do with behaviorist perspective. I loved how Meyer acknowledged the other vampire mythos by having our newbie vampires believe that sun is bad, they can get staked through the heart, and to fear garlic.
Overall Review:
If you are looking for a Twilight extension...this is not the book. Most of the book is centered around Bree's life...and as much as I wanted to fall in love with this book...I couldn't. For me, the first 3/4 of the book was quite slow with not much action happening but the last 1/4 of the book was great! I though this little book was good, and I hope Meyer continues to write these short accounts of other "Twilight" supporting characters because they adds a whole new dimension to the overall Twilight saga story and keep adding layers of perspective depth...which I love.
Now, Stephenie...if you ever read this little review of mine, could you please write down my list of characters I'd rather you write novella's about? Here they are:

-Please, PLEASE finish Midnight Sun! (Edwards Perspective)
-Jacob's thoughts would be hilarious to read!
-Reneseme's story would be crazy cool to play out don't you think so?
-Leah's story would also be so interesting to me

Thanks Stephenie, I may have written a somewhat harsh review but I will still buy anything you publish so I guess in the scheme of things you have the last laugh.

P.S. I want to hear your reviews on this book!! Leave a comment for me.

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