Monday, June 28, 2010

Must See Eclipse Movie Pics!!!

I don't think I'm surprising anyone out there at this point by admitting that I'm a HUGE Twilight fan (full on geek actually) and can I tell you how  excited I'm getting to see Eclipse this Tuesday night? (The answer to that question is yes I can!)
 I thought I'd share my excitement with you all by sharing some seriously STEAMY photos from the upcoming Eclipse movie.
Let me be honest with you. I already know I'm going to have a huge grin PLASTERED to my face the entire... movie,
 Through the drive home that night,
into the entire next day,
 until I see it again on Wednesday afternoon,
and until I go to bed that night. 
I'm serious.
Awesome for me,
Not awesome for Jared.
It's possible I may call him Edward on accident...
...I said accident.

{Warning: Boob grab!}

In case that wasn't enough Twilight excitement for you, I've added a few fun photos and fan art from Breaking Dawn which they are just finishing filming.
  Breaking Dawn will be broken up into 2 movies (good and bad news) and the first part will be released on November 18th 2011.
The Twilight Saga is about to get freaky people!

Isle Esme
Enjoying their honeymoon
Fan art
Reneseme with Jacob

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