Friday, July 16, 2010

"Oh My Lan, My Grannies 80!"

Happy Birthday Grandma Joan, 80 years young is right!

This is my new favorite picture.
It makes me smile
It make me happy
It makes me want to hug my grandma while she smothers me in kisses
It makes me want to laugh with her
It makes my grandma look like she's 25...
but actually, she's 21 at heart.
Check out how beautiful my grandma is.
What a looker!
Right after she blew out her candles she announced, "I made a wish but I ain't tellin no one!"
"Ohhhhh, I've heard about this book, its supposed to be a good one!"
(My grandma proclaimed as she opened her gift from me)
We each wrote and read out loud a special letter for my grandma.
Telling her how wonderful she is
Letting her know how much we appreciate her
Saying how much we love her
and shedding a few tears during the process.
God knew how much we needed each other,
 So he made you my Grandma.
Happy Birthday, we love you
and we especially love your:
 Sass-A-Frass attitude
 Las Vegas working woman drive
Who had Elvis Presley sing to her in the elevator
 Don't take no crap from no one
Was this close to being a show girl because she's so beautiful and graceful
The best cook I've ever known
 Oh, my Lan



Ashley, Cory and Cash too!!! said...

Oh kelly! Your Grandma is sooo great! I'm so glad she is living closer now so you get more time together!

Karen said...

Kelly...what a great post! Grandma will love it. She adores you in every way because you're her special one and ONLY grandaughter.