Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Super Dogs and the 4th of July

Happy 4th of July!
It's not the 4th of July at our house unless you have "super dogs" to go with it!
{For anyone who cares to know what a super dog is, it's a basic hot dog but with every possible topping spread on top, hence the usage of the word, super, because it is.}
All my mom wanted me to do when I got to her house was take a picture of her with her beautiful strawberry lemonaid jello cake...all I wanted to do was eat it.
{I captured a few fun moments while we were waiting to eat}
Jared LOATHES taking pictures so I appreciate that he will at least drum up a smile for me
We started off the evenings fireworks rather small but I love me some sparklers!
Now it's time for the bottle rockets!
I caught this rocket on it's way up but I could never catch a picture of one as it went off so use your imagination!
Here are some shots of the fireworks at Thanksgiving Point that I took while sitting on my back porch.
Again, Happy 4th and Thank You to all those who serve our country proudly and make it so that I CAN sit on my front porch and snap pictures of fireworks.
  I am eternally grateful for all the sacrifices others have had to make for my freedom and liberties and I hope that I never take that for granted.
Thank You.

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megan b. said...

you are adorable I must say. and I have decided I am making Wes let me come to book club next month. so all's i need to know is what book are you reading!?