Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Manti Temple Trip=AMAZING

I blogged a few months ago (here) about my families new goal to visit a new Temple every three months and in July we choose to go to the Manti Temple.
Jared and I had never been to Manti before so it felt like we were going out of state hours and hours to see some new landmark yet to be visited! (Maybe I'm the only one who felt like that, but still!)
You can see the Temple in the windshield as we drive up to it in the picture above.
Isn't the Temple beautiful?  I love how old and different it is than any other Temple I've visited.
It looks like a castle doesn't it?! 

The Fam
Just ignore that we all have our sunglasses on in these pictures but it was SUPER bright and sunny!
XoXo Mom and Dad!
I wanted to learn about the Manti Temple after our trip and learned some interesting things!
I thought you may want to learn more to so below are a few Temple facts:

-The Manti Utah Temple was the third temple built in Utah.

-The Manti Utah Temple was the only temple dedicated by President Lorenzo Snow on May 21-23 1888 .

-The Manti Utah Temple was built on a rattlesnake-infested site, known as the Manti Stone Quarry.

-On the morning of the site dedication, Brigham Young confided to Warren S. Snow that Temple Hill was the spot where Book of Mormon Prophet Moroni dedicated the land for a temple site.

-Open-center spiral staircases wind up each of the 179-foot towers of the Manti Utah Temple. The dramatic stairways are an engineering marvel of the Mormon pioneers.
-A large arching tunnel under the east tower of the Manti Utah Temple, which has since been closed, allowed cars to pass from one side of the temple to the other.
 (I saw this arch, it's plastered in now but it's crazy to see it in the middle of the temple!)

-The Manti Utah Temple is one of two temples that still employs live acting for presentation of the endowment. (The other is the Salt Lake Temple.)

-The Manti Temple was completed in 1888 after eleven years of construction.

Were going to the Logan Temple next.
I can't wait. 
The Logan Temple is MY Temple.
We will be going through sardine canyon right when the leaves should be changing (Eee!)
I'm doing my happy dance right now just thinking about it!
To be continued...


wessara said...

Love that temple! my uncle uaes to be the pres of Snow college so we went down there ALL the time and I agree with you... it's a DANG long trip!! Miss you guys!

Aly G said...

Oh I just love the Manti Temple! So pretty. That is awesome you guys are doing a temple every 3 months! It seems like a doable goal!! Miss ya!