Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Eclipse Midnight Madness Party: Get your vamp on

As I've already admitted openly several times and posted about here, here, here, AND here, I am a fan of Stephenie Meyers books and I love to GEEK-OUT whenever a new Twilight movie is released.
(Let's be honest, your not surprised.)
So you can only imagine how THRILLED and utterly EXCITED I was when I found out that my amazingly magical and creative friend Bethany was throwing an Eclipse Makeover Party!!
(Can you imagine me clasping my hands together with a huge grin on my face while doing my happy dance?  There you go, enjoy imagining my four year old moment of glee.)

Below are the photos from our Twilight themed Dinner and "Vampire Makeover" photo shoot before we went to the movie.
I want to do it all over again!!
All the food was themed in Twilight colors

Vegetarian Burger and Mushroom Ravioli were the two main courses

Bethany made these amazing werewolf cupcakes!!  They were perfection.

My favorite part of the menu was the Drink Bar.  There was:
-Type O negative Jones drinks
Type A positive Jones drinks
-Virgin Bloody Mary's
 -Amps (since Vampires never sleep)

Bethany always does such a wonderful  job on all the 'little touches'

Some thirsty vamps
Drink Up!

Jared took a sneak behind the scenes picture of what the vampire photo shoot looked like.
Trying to look Vampy is HARD!!
 I have NO idea how to do the parted lip, thirsty looking, deep soul staring pictures that everyone else seemed to nail no problem so enjoy giggling at my attempts!

Kellie Hall, Elisabeth Weight, and me

Trying to get my vamp on...and failing

Angie did a fantastic job on Elisabeth's makeup, she looked great!

I know I look strange in this picture but I was trying to show off my bite marks on my neck.

How Twilight of us..tee hee

The Kellie's!!

Kellie Hall looking gorgeous!
Laura did an amazing job on her and I's makeup as well!

Bethany's party was above and beyond my expectations but it didn't stop there!
She surprised us all with our own Eclipse themed gift bags for the movie!!
{I wanted to cry, hug her and jump up and down all at the same time!}
Here's a collage of all the fun things she put inside.
{Notice the 'fire & ice' theme}

There were also a pair of silly plastic fangs in our gift bags that Kellie and I couldn't help but try out!
Oh my gosh we look SO ridiculous!!
Libby and I taking a quick shot together before the movie...we waited in our seats for over an get creative.

Like I said...we got bored.
Bethany and Kate look like for real vampires right? 

Here's one half of our group waiting for the movie to freakin start already!!!

Thirsty?  Why yes thank you.

Edward for life!


Frampton Family said...

So fun! You seriously have such an adventurous life kel! I have always admired your creativity. It seems you are always having stellar parties. Oh, and great pictures!

Beck said...

That is INCREDIBLE!!!! What a fun party. You look amazing btw!!!! That girl who hosted would throw a rockin Halloween party. Im kind of jealous she is your friend :) Have you ever done a Murder Mystery Dinner? I always have wanted to do one. Maybe this is my year!!!!