Thursday, October 21, 2010


I love the Costumes.
I love the Candy.
I love Spooky, creepy, macabre over the top themed parties.
I love the carved Pumpkins with their perfect soft glow.
I love the crisp fall air and the smell of dried leaves.
I love all the spiced ciders, wassails, caramel cupcakes, apple tarts, and pumpkin breads.
and I LOVE that everyone else seems to enjoy these traditions as much as I do!

So when I got "Booed" last week by one of my anonymous sneaky neighbors, I was thrilled to see that others were getting into the Halloween spirit as well!

I decided to take a risk and blog about what I did to "BOO" two of my neighbors to keep the fun going!
(I don't think they look at my blog!)

I went simple this year and bought Pillsbury's boxed Halloween "funfetti mix."
To spice it up a little I also bought Targets Halloween cupcake decor set.

Here's the final result.

I thought they turned out pretty cute!

To finish, I wrapped up a plate of cupcakes with cellophane wrap and added a decorative Halloween Tag which I found here at eighteen25 if your interested in downloading them.
You can download the "BOO" sign here at TOMKAT studio.

There's also an adorable Booed sign here at WhipperBerry.

Have you been Booed yet?


Nikki said...


Jillian said...

Love your cc! We sadly have not been booed! And everyone else on my street has:( Maybe next year:)

Aly G said...

Cutest BOOs ever!! You are way to talented Kelly!