Monday, October 18, 2010

6 Years, I love you Dear!

Jared and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary on October 8th this month, yea for us!!!
(Can you tell were trying to tell you that in the picture? ;)
Here is our old school  wedding announcement!
Wedding Day Bliss
Since we got married in October I thought there would be more color in the trees but the year we got married it was record hot so we only had this one little tree to take "autumn" pictures with! 
Oh well, at least it didn't snow on us like it did last year on our anniversary!
Jared surprised me with these gorgeous light and hot pink roses that smelled AmAzInG!
(He's great about making me feel special)
Jared got me this super cute shirt for an anniversary gift.
And yes, I know I look crazy in this photo because I was telling Jared I needed to suck in my belly for the photo and he caught me at a weird moment.
I was lucky enough this year to have both sets of parents join us for our anniversary dinner at Tepanyaki's!
 Jared's parents were in town for the day from Vernal so we thought it would be neat to have everyone come and celebrate with us!
Check out my Dad trying to catch this shrimp coming straight at his face! 


Christensen Kids said...

Happy Anniversary!

Markelle said...

you two are such a cute couple. Your kids are going to be knock-outs!

Sara said...

Happy Anniversary! See u tommorrow

Aly G said...

Happy Anniversary! Cute shirt, but belly to suck in? Ha! I think not! You guys look so great! LOVE that Restaurant!!