Sunday, July 13, 2008

Boating with our "Homies!"

Angie and I being posers...what's new?!
Hi everyone!
He's me and the wake facing off...and it won about 5 sec. later!
Were homies from the WEST SIDE!!! (The sad part is we really are!)

Jared and I cuddling up on the boat...I know your thinking it, just say it..."awwww!"

Here we are looking like Britney Spears cousins!


Angie said...

Just a disclaimer: My boobs definitely have a mind of their own sometimes when I'm in my swimsuit! Good golly miss molly!

Mindy said...

You guys looked like you had a great time. But I have to admit, it's not fair for a couple to look so good in their swimsuits! Just saying...:)

Mindy said...

What a coupla hotties! Looks like you guys had a great time! Kelly you are going to have to teach me how to wake board! Looks funnnn! Thanks again to you and Jared for the audio book help!!!!

Ash said...

Kel you and Ang are the cuttest things ever. You guys look way to good in your suits. Glad you had fun!

Stephen & Effie said...

Lake Powell Rocks

Destiny Rayburn said...

i'm trying to keep the house stuff quiet for a few months... so, nope, no blogs about the house! I only blog about what I want people know about me... LOL!

Alexis said...

k... why am I not on your blog list? Hmm. I hope you have a switney.

* Amber * said...

how cute and fun! I love the pic of you and your hubby with the sun setting , so cute!