Monday, July 21, 2008

More Boating!!!

{Here's Mia and Dillon hanging on for dear life!}
{Zoe and April looking cute!}
{Here's the kid crew! Excluding Benjamin who was sleeping!}
{I love their faces!}
{The boat always rocks babies to sleep!}
{Were just two girls being silly! Love you Vivy!}
We had a blast taking our friends out on the lake last week! It's so much fun to watch kids experience things for the first time. Jared got a kick out taking the kids out on the tube and watching them giggle with anxiety and excitment! Thanks for making our weekend full of laughter and smiles! I'm only sorry that I put a small damper on the outting when I face-planted while trying to wakeboard in rough water! I had red eyes and whiplash for 4 days! Ha!


Mindy said...

Okay, so this has nothing to do with boating, but I wanted to say thanks for the heads up about Dippidee. SO GOOD! I'm glad I don't live by it though, it would be way too tempting for my sweet tooth. Sorry we didn't stop by the mall. Grant decided it was time to head home. Funny how a 15 month old can make decisions like that :) Oh just you wait my dear, just you wait! Are you guys coming up here for the 24th?

Staci said...

Looks like that boat has kept you busy!! You guys are too cute and I'm way jealous! Let me know when you want to talk about Europe! I miss it like crazy!!!!

April said...

Cute pictures Kelly! Thanks for taking us! We had lots of fun...especially the kids! You guys are are so nice to put up with all of us for the whole day!

wessara said...

Sorry we couldn''t be there!! I heard it was fun and crazy!! Nothin like crashing in rough water... that sucks!! You looked great on Sunday though!

* Amber * said...

fun!!! isnt boating the best thing ever!!! I love the picture you got of april and zoe!! so cute!

Payne Family said...

Looks like you guys had a blast. We just got back from 2 weeks at the lake on Sunday. Sorry I missed book club, I really wanted to come. Let me know when the next one is. I used to have a part time job putting up the new books for Smiths. I gave the job to my bishops wife. I ran into her at the store, and got to actually see and touch the new book "breaking dawn". But I couldn't buy it because it is a 20,000 fine if sold before the 2nd! Can't wait!

Chris said...

Hey there this is Chris. Unfortunately we can't get together tonight. We for sure would still love to get together and answer any questions about Europe. Stace worked so hard on the video that I'm sure she would love to show it off. Let us know what works for you guys with Jared's school schedule.