Saturday, October 25, 2008

FiSh SiNk???

I was searching the Internet for an acrylic coffee table when I ran across this picture of an aquarium sink! No I'm not kidding! I was so impressed with this idea that I felt I had to blog about it and share my feelings of aww with all of you! I mean, isn't that a cool idea to be able to hang out with the fishes while you brush your teeth or wash your hands? I bet I would come up with names for each of my would be awesome!


Payne Family said...

This is one of those things that makes you say "that is just weird....but really cool and I can't stop looking at it!" I definitely have never seen that on before. Excellent find!


all I can think about it how many finger prints that would show and how long until my kids break it, but fun idea other than that

Logan said...

Let's just be honestly here Kelly, you have no sense of style. It's ok, it's ok. We still accept you.
JK But seriously, I'd like a matching toilet if I were to seriously consider this sink. You'd just have to never forget to flush.

Peter McAllister said...

Haha, oh Kelly! =)