Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to School....just without the crayons this time

This comic is silly but it tells the truth!!! Although, I don't hate school, I hate having to leave my nice warm house and my cuddling puppy and go back to:

*A 5 mile long walk from the parking lot that I PAID to be in hoping that soon I'll walk into the actual college building!
*Professors who think they know everything even though all they know is the Anthropology of a lost culture !
*Having to sit next to the "stinky kid" in class (yes those kids still exist in college!)
*Having to do HOMEWORK every day so I feel like I'm in Elementary school again! (I wish!)
Jared starts class Tuesday night and I start on Thursday night so wish us luck on our LAST semester! Oh yea, I said it, OUR LAST SEMESTER UNTIL GRADUATION!!!
{Jared heads back to BYU's Campus Tuesday}

{I am heading back to UVU's campus on Thursday}

*P.S. I changed my blog background in celebration of going back to school


April said...

Good luck Kelly and Jared! I can't believe you only have 1 more semester until you're done! That's exciting!

Logan said...

I'm that stinky guy you have to sit next to. Good think you're at UVU and not BYU. I hope for Jared's sake he isn't in any of my classes.

Logan said...

"Good thing..." not "think..."