Monday, October 26, 2009

Doba Day!

What is Doba Day you ask? It's a day for employee appreciation, a day to dress up as crazy as you can as long as it's in the company, and day to PARTY! Angie got a job with Doba a few weeks ago and invited me to their company "Birthday Party" last week. It was a hoot! We dressed up as green witches, Angie gets all the credit for my hair, makeup, and wardrobe, she's got a natural talent for making things fun and fantastic! We were in charge of the popcorn and cotton candy booth for the we kept saying, "Dressing up and going all out, it's for the kids!" Thank you so much Angie for inviting me and for dressing me up, I love you!
Angie looking hot and witchy serving up some Doba cake!
This was the only picture I got of "The Mad Hatter!" His outfit was amazing!
This is the spread Angie put together for our witches lair...shes amazing.

I love this picture of Angie

You like our green witchy moles?!


Nikki said...

Hey girl... I love it! The costumes and the table. What a fun day. I just realize you have my old blog address, send me your email address to so I can send you a invite to the one I actually use. Its a private one, so I'll have to add you.
Hope all is well!

Markelle said...

How fun are you guys! I love it, you guys look rad!

Aly G said...

What a cute idea with the fur balls! This girl could be a sister you guys look alot alike!