Friday, January 8, 2010

I'm posting it anyways!

If you can't tell by how HAPPY and GOOFY me and my brother are, we were excited for Christmas!! We started off the night celebrating Christmas Eve by taking some crazy pictures of ourselves...what? Doesn't every family have that tradition?
This is how Destiny and Shay felt at the moment
Destiny and I were trying to take a picture of how we felt working day in and day out during the holiday season but I couldn't hold my pose and busted up laughing! (The original photo showed us wanting to shoot ourselves, but I felt this was a happier photo for the season.)
We then played the game that Jared made up for our friend Christmas party
My Dad is a "Dog Whisperer"

We ended the night with a few friendly games of pool. (Notice my Dad in this picture stealing the photo!)
Finally, Christmas morning!! We always start out with a traditional breakfast to make sure we are strong and healthy enough to rip open our gifts. (Note: We have progressively started Christmas morning later and later to the point where it should be called, Christmas afternoon. It's just not like it used to be anymore.)
My sweet Grandma LOVES Griffin! She always says, "That dog don't know he's a dog!"
This was the "spread" of gifts under the tree on Christmas...WOW.
I love that my parents still write tags like this on my gifts...Santa is REAL people!
Here' Shay with his new BLUE Oakley hat I got him. If you know my brother then you know he loves blue ANYTHING!
Here are some more gifts we got Shay and Destiny
Destiny's looking good in her new Oakley sweater!
Grandma got a much needed 'Snuggie!' She moved her last year from Vegas and her poor little body can't keep any heat in! She freezes in the summer here!
Jared and I are showing off our new clothing items. I got Jared an Oakley Zip-up hoodie and he got me this adorable cream hat! (Side Note: I LOVE hats if you didn't know that already!)
Me and Griffin by the tree. And yes, he does hate me just a little bit more every time I dress him up. (I can't help myself!)
After Christmas everyone started to get *YAWN* really sleepy...everyone took a small nap somewhere in the house.
After we woke up from our gift ripping, Christmas crazy, excitement comatose, we had a lovely ham and turkey dinner.
My mom likes it when I take pictures of her "table" before we eat...I just say "Okay"and do as she asks. I don't even ask why anymore.

Again, as I mentioned, we like to take funny photos on get-togethers! I bet YOU want to make it a tradition of your own now huh? (Note: Grandma is still working on her "silly" face.)
After dinner we played cards. Have you ever tried to play "speed?" We were addicted to it for exactly one hour before our eyes started to water and go out of focus from concentrating on winning!
Here I am beating my Dad. Ahh, victory feels even sweeter on Christmas Day.
Merry AFTER Christmas Everyone!


Trish said...

I would like to be invited next fun!!

Angie said...

um, i know why karen needs her pic taken at the table. cuz she color-coordinated her shirt & the linens in the roll basket...matchy-matchy! i love it!