Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Angie's 'Little Lamb' Baby Shower for Carrston

When my friend Angie announced that she was pregnant, my first thought was pretty typical. I think I said something like, "Oh my gosh!!  I am so excited for you.."
But my immediate second thought was, "We are going to through you the best baby shower EVER!"

Angie mentioned to us that her nursery was going to be decorated in earthy nutrals with touches of soft sweet looking lambs here and there so we decided to theme her baby shower around those ideas!
We decorated in lots of whites, off whites, taupe's, and browns with a general theme of little lamb touches.
(See pictures below for examples)

Bethany's parent were kind enough to let us use there BEAUTIFUL home in Salt Lake so we could eat and party in the ambiance of their peaceful garden.

Since Angie is from the south, her wonderful sister Laura volunteered to make just about ALL of the Southern themed food on the menu which all turned out to be mouth watering delicious! Believe me, it was AMAZING!!
(Again, see pictures below)
Libby & Laura in the background cooking up something gooood in the kitchen!
(Picture courtesy of Bethany)

Look at the fun book jackets the girls made to go along with our little lamb theme.
(Picture courtesy of Bethany)

This was how it looked before any of the guests arrived.
(Picture courtesy of Bethany)

This was the dessert table full of tasty tempting tid bits
(Picture courtesy of Bethany)

This is only one of many arrangements that Bethany created for the shower.
I feel like I can't say enough of how TALENTED she is...she always takes my breath away with whatever she decided to create.
(Picture courtesy of Bethany)

Angie with one of her table of friends.
(Picture courtesy of Bethany)

I had to take some photos of the delicious desserts as well!

These little cupcakes that Libby made were BEYOND good!  They were unforgettable...for real!

We hung a close line with cloths pins where guests could write notes and hang them to give Angie and baby Carrston.

I had to take a picture of the note Angie wrote to her future son..it was so tender.

(Picture courtesy of Bethany)

Ohh! Oh of my favorite parts of the lunch were the homemade biscuits with chocolate gravy... SO GOOD!
You heard me right, I said CHOCOLATE GRAVY! It was heavenly.
(Picture courtesy of Bethany)

I took a picture of my plate of food before I inhaled it!
1. Biscuits smothered with chocolate gravy
2. Stuffed mushrooms
3. Shrimp and grits on toast
4. Grilled asparagus
5. Basil corn salad
6. with a side of seconds!

More food pics

I just wanted to show a few of the fun details from the shower.
Cassandra surprised us by finding someone who made cotton candy and got bags for everyone to take home!  It wasn't cotton candy though, it was "Sugar Spun Wool."

It was pina-coloda flavored, yum!
(Picture courtesy of Bethany)

Libby enjoying some Cotton candy.
(Picture courtesy of Bethany)

Bethany made these adorable knitting wool balls to bring that warm lamby feeling to the shower.
(Picture courtesy of Bethany)

(Picture courtesy of Bethany)

Megan, Rachelle, and Mindy enjoying the shower.
(Picture courtesy of Bethany)

Cassandra with her sweet daughter.
(Picture courtesy of Bethany)

Angie's sister Laura made this ADORABLE "Little Lamb" banner which Angie will hang in her nursery! 
Love it!!

As guests left the shower, they took a bundle of Cotton candy and one of these cute gift boxes which held four pieces of the most wonderful divinity ever!  It was so smooth and light to eat, thank you AGAIN Laura for making all the wonderful food, you are hired whenever I need a cook next! ;)

Cassandra made these fun burlap bags that said, "Three Bags Full" that were stuffed with actual wool!
I have no idea where the girl found it but it was the perfect touch to the shower.
(Picture courtesy of Bethany)

Here are a few photos of Angie opening some of her gifts.
(Doesn't she look so beautiful?  Pregnancy is good to her!  I hope to be as lucky when my time comes!)

LOL, Angie loves David Bowie so I surprised her with this vintage David Bowie Onesie to give her a laugh!

Angie's Mom painted her this sweet little rocking chair for baby Carrston.

Here's the whole crew!
We loved making Angie's shower special because of how much we love her.  Angie has done SO much for all of us over the years that it was our pleasure to finally be able to do something in return for her. 

Angie and Laura were sitting on this love seat after the shower had ended just chatting like sisters do while I was cleaning something up on the table across from. I looked over and thought, "They are both so beautiful...they need a picture together to remember this beautiful day and all the love that went into it."
So, I snatched up my camera and asked them if I could take their picture and I'm glad I did because look how good it turned out!  What gorgeous sisters!

I love you Angie and I cannot wait to meet Carrston in November!!


Beck said...

Again...You were invited to ANOTHER cool party. How cute was that shower!!!

Heather said...

Could you please tell me where you got the "sugar spun wool" cotton candy?! So cute!

Drew Watts said...

This little lamb baby shower is so lovely. I loved the food arrangements. Really hard work is done in arranging it. My sister wants to throw her friend a baby shower at one of San Francisco event venues. Will collect few ideas for the day. Want to make it amazing for everyone.